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Interactive Content: EDpuzzle

No description

Beth Walton

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Interactive Content: EDpuzzle

What do you want your students to learn from this video?
How have your students struggled with this content in the past?
What can you add to this video that you think will solve the problem/s outline previously?
Discuss Your Purpose
A) What is your content?
B) What are your objectives?
Why EDpuzzle?
Participation and collaboration are two key elements to successful online learning, but participation and interaction do not in themselves guarantee collaboration or mastery of the material (Coll, Rochera, & de Gispert, 2014, p. 53). Formative feedback in the form of verification and elaboration are keys to promoting learning (Coll et al., 2014, p. 54). The ability of EdPuzzle to embed quizzes and to track student responses provides the type of verification that might otherwise be lacking in many online courses, and provides the data to assist the instructor to provide personalized elaboration to each student in a timely manner.
EDpuzzle Basics
1. Please go to www.edpuzzle.com
2. Click sign up as a teacher and create a unique login.
3. Next click on "My Content"
Load and Use
Now go to the university LMS and the course that relates to your video content. Paste the embed code or video link in the appropriate place in your course.

You have now successfully completed the EDpuzzle workshop. Congratulations! Trainers will come around to check your video upload.

If you need assistance after the workshop please refer back to this Prezi, the EDpuzzle FAQ's, EDpuzzle blog, or one of your workshop trainers. (See links below)

Interactive Content: EDpuzzle
Share: Objectives
What video did you bring to the workshop with you?
What format is the video in? (Ex. link, file to upload, etc.)
Share: Video Content
What are some ways you envision applying EDpuzzle to help enhance video content?
Share: Applications
4. Click "new video" to use a video from the web. OR Click "upload video" to load a video file.
4.a. If you are uploading a video then just drag the file into the box or select the file from your drive.
4.b. If you are using a video from the internet type the title of the video into the search. Once you have found the video click "use it".
EDpuzzle Crop
EDpuzzle Voice Overlay
Load your video now.

Do Now
Audio Notes
Write Script for
EDpuzzle enhanced video lesson
Based on the problems you have observed with your students and the objectives you wrote, write a script that outlines what you want to add to your video.
Create Video
You now have 20 minutes to add your enhancements to your video in EDpuzzle. Trainers will be walking around the room to assist you.
When you are finished, save your video. You should end up at the "My Content" page.
Export Video
Now click the gear icon on your video and choose embed. You have the option to copy the embed code or the video link. Make a copy of the option of your choice.
Final Evaluation
Within eight weeks of this training you will need to submit evidence that you used your EDpuzzle video in one of your online courses.

We suggest providing your students with a survey to evaluate their thoughts concerning how the EDpuzzle video impacted their understanding of the objectives relating to your video as compared to a non-enhanced video.
Coll, C., Rochera, M. J., de Gispert, I. (2014). Supporting online collaborative learning in small groups: Teacher feedback on learning content, academic task and social participation. Computers & Education 75, 53–64.

Dick, W., Carey, L., & Carey, J. (2009). The systematic design of instruction (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

EDpuzzle Inc. (2014). Make any video your lesson. Retrieved from https://edpuzzle.com.
This "Why EDpuzzle" portion should take about 10 minutes of the workshop.
For the purposes of this workshop we will only focus on the video creation and saving to your LMS. If you are interested in learning about setting up classes and tracking student use within EDpuzzle, we can conduct another workshop at a future date.
The "Defining Your Purpose" section should take about 10 minutes for sharing and discussion.
The "EDpuzzle Basics" section should take about 30 minutes for explanation and creation time.
This "Load and Use" section should take about 10 minutes with time for questions.
Examples of EDpuzzle Videos
These can be viewed at your convenience.
Education Leadership
1-2 Order of Operations and Evaluating Expressions
Dipity Tutorial
Please open the Google form and answer the questions throughout the workshop. These will be used for evaluation.

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