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Copy of Copy of FREE-FALL

wierd freefalling prezi

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of FREE-FALL

That was fun!!!!!
Some great ideas are flying around
To take your business where its never been
Who are the customers?
All we have to do is give customers what they want
Its time to reflect the changing market
So lets get started!
So what do they want?
So lets merge the two!
Cross-promotional marketing.
Here's an example
One stop shopping
Tailored service
Dick and Jane
Bob's Builders
But what they both need is each other.
Business to Person marketing
Co-marketing, product bundling and co-promotion
Buzz/Event Marketing
Marketing to persons, in business and life
Getting people to talk about your products and services
Cross-Promotional Marketing
Buzz Marketing
Dick and Jane want to build a deck. They see an upcoming do-it-yourself event at ACE.
Bob's Builders needs more business.
Bob agrees to showcase his services and knowledge.
Dick and Jane tell their neighbors and mark the date on their calender.
Dick and Jane get a tailored consultation, buy hardware and meet Bob.
Business-to-Person Marketing
Both customers get what they want.
each other.
ACE needs a partner to supplement this do-it-yourself event.
Bob showcases his experience to Dick and Jane, Ace customers.
More importantly they get what they need,
By introducing Bob, Dick and Jane, Ace has defined itself as the "go-to guys" for hardware.
"Do almost anything for the customer and the numbers will sort themselves out"
By offering intangible services through strategic partnerships and alliances you will:
Encourage your current customers to buy more
Encourage new customers to shop ACE Hardware
Gain a significant competitive advantage
Provide long term value to the community
"We're pretty aggressive in the way we run the business. We're not afraid to try anything.
These are just some ideas
Directory of services in each department. "Can't find it? We can get it"
Specialized project consultations with cost estimates
Offer business to business in store events
Rental request log - keep track of the demand
Mobile Sharpening service to local business
Rental delivery
Cross-promotional coupon's
-Kirby Kuklenski
The "go-to-guys" gain profitable long term advantages.
With unique services and product options ACE will become the preferred choice for the communities hardware needs.
-Nick Kuklenski
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