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20 Things about Tiffany

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of 20 Things about Tiffany

20 Things about Tiffany
I Love animals
I have always been a big fan of animals. i have had 9 rabbits and 1 hamster growing up.
I love painting my nails
I like painting nails because you can do any style.
I love music
I love listening to music because there is all different types of music.
I love outside
I love candy
I love candy because its sweet and sour
I love to stay outside on nights that arent too hot or too cold.
I Love doing arts and crafts
I love doing arts and crafts because you can do your very own crafts.
I love drawing
Drawing is my favorite hobby, i can draw whatever is on my mind.
I love doing hair
Doing hair is very fun for me because you kinda get to try new things.
I love cooking
Cooking to me is very fun because you can make it and eat it.
I love minions
I hate needles
Needles have never been a fan of mine.
I always try to act brave in front of my siblings
minions are cute!
I hate spiders
I do not like spiders they are dirty and gross
I hate school
I hate school i dont like filling out papers
I Hate clocks
Clocks scare me because when I count down the time it feels like its adding on minutes every time you look at it!
I Hate busy places
I hate a crowd!!
I Hate the sound of nails scratching a board
I Hate annoying noises
I Hate being wrong
I don't like being wrong
I Hate sob stories
I don't like sob stories
I Hate Crazy fans
Its not cool
I don't like liers
i don't like liers
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