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Ideas for March Break

Ideas for March Break

Karolina Xin

on 5 March 2010

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Transcript of Ideas for March Break

Ideas for March Break!
Mount St. Louis Moonstone
1 hour and 14mins to get to Mount St. Louis Moonstone
.Head west on Hill Dr toward Orchard Heights Blvd 0.3 km
2.Take the 1st right onto Orchard Heights Blvd 1.2 km
3.Turn right at Bathurst St 1.2 km
4.Take the 1st left onto 18th Sideroad 6.0 km
5.Turn right at Jane St 1.1 km
6.Turn left at Lloydtown-Aurora Rd 0.9 km
7.Turn right onto the ON-400 ramp 0.4 km
8.Merge onto King's Hwy 400 67.6 km
9.Take exit 121 for County Rd-93/Penetanguishene Rd/ON-93 toward Midland/Penetanguishene 0.3 km
10.Keep right at the fork, follow signs for ON-93 and merge onto County Rd-93/Penetanguishene Rd 3.6 km
11.Turn right at Mill St E 1.6 km
12.Continue onto Mt St Louis Rd W
Depart Hill Dr0.3 km2Turn right onto Orchard Heights Blvd1.2 km3Turn right onto RR-38 / Bathurst St5.6 km4Turn left onto Hwy-9 / RR-317.3 km5Take ramp right for Hwy-400 North toward Barrie42.4 km6Take ramp right0.7 km7Turn left onto Hwy-26 / Hwy-27 / Bayfield St6.0 kmPass MCDONALD'S in 1.6 km
8Turn left to stay on Hwy-2629.2 km9Turn right onto CR-72.0 km10Turn left onto Nottawasaga 27/28 Sideroad2.7 km11Turn right onto Hwy-2611.7 kmPass JEEP/DODGE/CHRYSLER on the right in 10.2 km
12Turn right to stay on Hwy-26 / Pretty River Pkwy3.6 kmPass ESSO in 2.1 km
13Turn right to stay on Hwy-26 / Balsam St19.7 kmPass CANADIAN TIRE in 0.3 km
14Arrive at Blue Mountains, ON0.0 kmThe last intersection is Mill St
If you reach Hester St, you've gone too far
Blue Mountain
1 hour 55 minutes to get
to Blue Mountian
I choose this one!
Watch a movie in theatres
with Alex
Haven't tried bowling in a while.
Would like to go SOME day.
Stuff I can do with my mom
and Alex
I can take the Go Train
to the Eton Centre to
go Shopping
Sleep over with Alex.
Could go on a trail.
I could also go
swimming with her!
MAYBE skate at the park
But dont want to public
skate in the Community Centre
This is for Dad, so he can look for the hotel
or Inn.
Science Centre
Click on the link!!
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