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Bulletproof Love by Pierce the Veil

Song as Poetry

Sarah Barnes

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Bulletproof Love by Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil Bulletproof Love "I breathe you in with smoke in the backyard light" This is a metaphor explaining how close he feels to the girl he's with. "We used to laugh until we choked into the wasted nights" This is a hyperbole over exaggerating the way they laughed a lot together. "In the sunset turning red behind the smoke, forever and alone" Imagery. "You've gone and sewn me to this bed" Metaphor explaining how she's making him stay with her. "I wanna hold your hand so tight I'm gonna break my wrist" Hyperbole "There's nothing to do but scream at the drunken moon" This is personification. The moon cannot be drunk. Lol "my love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me" Metaphor saying that his love for this girl couldn't be ruined by anyone but her. "I'll try to write and fill the pen with blood from the sink" Imagery "Now there's nothing to do but tear my voice apart"
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