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The Cell Analogy Project

This is a cell analogy between the cell and the human body

Tajae' Woods

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of The Cell Analogy Project

Imagine if the human body were a cell.
Normally, in a human body, we would call it organs.
However, we are picturing a cell. So, we would call it organelles.
The organs are responisble for performing functions for the human body.
The organelles are responsible for performing functions for a cell. The Cell Analogy Project Function: The nucleus directs all of the cell's activity.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, the brain would be the nucleus because the nucleus directs all of the activity in a cell and the brain does the same thing for the human body. Cell Organelle: The Nucleus Function: The ribosomes make proteins for a cell.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, ribosomes would be the muscles; the ribosomes makes proteins while the muscles recruit more muscles. Cell Organelle: The Ribosomes Function: The cytoplasm fills up the cell and creates space between organelle.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, the blood would be the cytoplasm since just like the cytoplasm fills in space in the cell, the blood fills in the space in the human body. Cell organelle: The Cytoplasm Function: The cell membrane controls what enters and exits the cell.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, the skin would be the cell membrane because the skin controls what enters and what exits the body. Cell organelle: The Cell Membrane Function: The Endoplasmic Reticulum or the ER forms a maze of passageways for proteins can be carried to one part of the cell to another. The Endoplasmic Reticulum also makes lipids.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, then the liver would be the ER because the liver makes fat just like the ER makes lipids. Cell Organelle: The Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Function: The Golgi Body receives proteins and other newly formed materials, packages them and distributes them to other parts of the cell.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, the Large intestines would be the Golgi Body since it makes material that is ready to leave the body. Cell Organelle: The Golgi Body Function: The vacuole stores food, water, and waste.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, the love handles would be the Golgi Body since the love handles store extra fat. Cell Organelle: The Vacuole Function: The Mitochondria breaks down food to release energy for the cell.
Comparison: If the human body were a cell, the digestive system would be the mitochondria since the digestive system takes in nutrients, breaks them down and releases energy. A human could not live without a digestive system just like a cell would not live without the mitochondria Cell organelle: The Mitochondria
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