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Land of Stories

No description

Melanie Fletcher

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Land of Stories

Land of Stories Introduction The Setting and Characters of the
story are Alex, Conner, Froggy (later,
Charlie),Cinderella,Queen Red Riding
Hood, Snow White, The three Charming
brothers,Goldilocks, Jack, Porridge(Goldilock's
horse), the Evil Queen/Evly,Trix,Alex's and Conner's
Grandma and Mom, Mrs. Peters, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, The Big Bad Wolf Pack,the Fairy Council,and Lampton. And the setting is in the Fairy tale Land known
as the Land of Stories. Book by: Chris Colfer

Project by: Melanie Fletcher Rising Action The rising action in the story
is when Alex gets the book and it
starts to glow. Then she kept dropping things
into the book and they disappeared. Then one day
she stuck her arm in the book and Conner, scared
her and she fell in. Conner went after her.
After they fell in,they realized they were in the Fairy
Tale land. But they want to go home. Then a frog man they call Froggy finds them. Froggy tells them about the
Wishing Spell.They have to find the items on the list before the Evil Queen does so they can go home. This is Alex and Conner.
As you can see, they're twins.
Strawberry blond hair with blue
eyes. This is Cinderella. In the
book it described her with
amber hair and brown eyes. Froggy later turns back to
Prince Charlie. He was cursed to
be a frog man. Queen Red Riding Hood
is Blond and liked Jack
ever since they were kids. Goldilocks and Jack love each other,
and Goldilocks is on the run from the
law and jack isn't. This is Queen Snow White.
She's the Queen of the Northern
Kingdom. This is the Evil Queen.
She was locked away in Prison.
But then Snow White freed her
to free the man she loves. Climax The climax of the story is when
Conner and Alex realize there dad
is from the fairy tale world. The journal
they have the whole trip was their dad's
journal when he was looking for the items
for the Wishing Spell. Resolution Conner and Alex's resolution to
go home is to find the Wishing
spell items and activate it but when the
Evil Queen takes their items, they can't.
But when Alex and Conner go to Cinderella's
castle, the twins' grandma,the fairy godmother,
sent them home. Falling Action The falling action in the story
is when Alex and Conner find
all the Wishing Spell items and
are about to go home. But then
Froggy said if he brought the twins
to the Fairy Godmother, she would
turn him back to human.
But when they are about to leave
the Big Bad Wolf Pack surrounds them.
But Froggy and Porridge manage to escape
and get help. Then the wolf pack takes
Goldilocks, Alex and Conner to the evil Queen.
(Did i mention the reason Goldilocks was there?
She was there so she could drop Queen Red Riding
Hood in the thornbush pit.But Queen RRH got kidnapped
by the Huntsman's daughter and brought to the Evil Queen.) Personal Review I thought the book was one of the
best I have ever read. Why? Well I
think its the best because its full of
action and fantasy. You will especially
like it if you like fairy tales. I would
recommend it to Mrs. Carolle and anyone
who likes fantasy and action. Theme The theme of this story is about working together.
Why? Well the twins stayed together through tough and
thin even though they are brother and sister.
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