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Online Learning vs F2F

No description

Darren Cainey

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Online Learning vs F2F

easy to convert materials
can plan life more easily
deadlines difficult to meet if materials aren't ready
not everyone is a quick reader
some shy people come alive with a pen
sometimes we need time to think
pressure because of 'early' posters
delay in getting clarification from eMod
have an online record of work
direct access to tutor
online record can make CPs feel exposed
not all CPs contribute to their full potential
flexibility of when you can work
accessibility to course materials
feelings of isolation
technology can be a barrier
location flexibility
need to be self motivating
less easy to use personality in teaching
suits certain learner styles
can log in anywhere with WiFi
Never any books missing from the shelves
lack of opportunity for quick throw away questions
when things go wrong with technology
contributions should have more quality due to time to reflect
shy people may be more willing to
lack of immediate feedback
awkward eye contact on video cams
more time to digest content
more opportunity for equal
possibility of procrastination
sometime more misunderstandings due to lack of immediate feedback
sometimes have the feeling that you are always in front of a computer
harder to develop ideas when working alone
we can be selective in the content we read
can learn additional IT skills
a complication with CPs using different operating systems and browsers
young learners need to be exposed to authentic activities
you don't have to commute
a great feeling of independence
information overload
feeling of being cut off after LiveRoom sessions
provides more opportunities to learn
possible to work at own pace
serious problems with the internet in some countries
feelings of guilt if people seem to be
working more

Absolutely fantastic work everyone!!!!! Hope you aren't feeling seasick!
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