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Aliens on Neptune

No description

stella brown

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Aliens on Neptune

Aliens on Neptune
My Alien will have thick fur and be warm blooded. He will have huge blanket-like wings to wrap around himself when he is asleep.
He will get his energy from the heat that planet Neptune generates. Finally he will have a trunk for drinking the crystals of frozen methane - they will melt in his heated trunk.
For my alien it is bad luck to not wrap their trunk around the other alien's trunk in greeting only if that alien is from your Huddle
The girls will have five legs. All of them will b for carrying eggs. The third one is also used for carrying babies. All will have a eye that lights up like a flashlight. They will have hooked tales for defending themselves from other Huddles.
not necessary.
Thank You:)
Reproduce/lif stages.
Although my alien is warm blooded they lay eggs. The six life stages are the egg, the baby, the teen, adult , the elderly, and the dead.
Their language is the same as ours with a few changes
- the major difference is that the word sounds exactly how it is written. In know the k would be heard.
They worship the god of the methane, methane gives Neptune its color,Pokeroges. Their Koranic (leader of the huddle) is said to be Pokeroges's daughter
Fun facts
- they are called Neptuanians
- they live in groups called hudddle
- their leader is always a girl
- their eggs are heated.
Neptune fact
Neptune is the fourth largest
planet.It has a diameter of 30,599
miles It is the planet farthest
away from the sun. It is
2,798,000,000 miles from the
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