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911 Dispatcher

No description

nicole molina

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of 911 Dispatcher

911 Dispatcher/Operator
Career Descriptions

Job Duties and responsibilities
Skills or Abilities for Success
Salary and future employment
Things I Like About The Job.
911 Dispatcher
Kristoly Molina.
You pick up the calls for the police officers fire fighters etc to see what there emergency is or how you can help them.

Monitor and dispatch for all police and fire alarm.
You have to understand a person on everything they say because they may be in a rush to tell you whats going on.
Skills to be a dispatcher you need to have a cool head.
Have to learn how to give advice when a emergency is happening.
DONT get stressed out when a person calls you or you cant understand what they say.
Have them give you the information needed.
You do not need a high school curriculum to be a 911 dispatcher.
You do not need a collage digree either.
I am not sure if you need to go to collage but you do
need to take some 2 week criminal justice curse.
I am not sure what collage i would like to go to
sense to be a dispatcher you don't need a degree.
If i had to pick any college it would be El Paso Texas community collage.
To get in to El Paso Texas community college you must have a official high school GED, or college transcripts send to EPCC admission and registration Dep.
You must submit an application on line in order to get in
Send the police over the location.
Working as a dispatcher you get payed 54,640 dollars on a average pay.
You can also get payed less then that if you are new to the job.
Things i like about the job is that you get payed really good.
Another thing i like about the job is that you only need to take a course of some weeks/months.
You do not need a college degree to get the job.
Things i dislike about this career.
You get really stressed out.
You get really emotional when you know you can only help them by sending the police to help.
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