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country project

Bobby Norman

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Bahamas

Accommodations FOOD HISTORICAL SITES OUTDOOR RECREATION arts and culture Welcome to Bahamas outdoor recreation This is the traditional rice and beans in the bahamas This is a drink in the bahamas that is made of only fruit In the bahamas you can swim
with dolphins. This is one of the famous beaches in the bahamas You can also
go boating. These are meatballs made
of pork with dipping sauce. This is the swiss mountain
in the Bahamas.
This is a spa and hotel
in The Bahamas. This is a resort on the beach in Bahamas This is a modern hotel in
the Bahamas This is a costume for a festival. This is a picture of the abacos islands This is a fancy hotel in
the bahamas . this is a huge hotel that
is right next to a famous beach Please come to
the Bahamas. This is a beach that thousands
of people come there every day. This is under the ocean
of coral reefs and a shark.
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