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Dog Agility

No description

Emma Knutson

on 12 April 2018

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Transcript of Dog Agility

Dog Agility is a sport where handler and dog move through a timed obstacle course,

What is Dog Agility?
What does dog Agility mean to me?
Shasta and I.
This Photo was taken at the InspirEd grade 9 year end gala.
Why do people compete in Dog Agility?
Dog agility is a great sport for humans who want their dogs to get some mental and physical stimulation. Some of the best breeds for this sport are Border Collies and any other athletic working breed. However dog agility isn't a breed specific sport. Any dog can compete in dog agility.
Emma Knutson
Dog Agility
A Swedish Vallhund competing in Agility
I have done agility for about 2 years now. I really enjoy the bond I have with my dog. Dog Agility has been a great confidence boost for me, as well as given me some responsibilities
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