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Chana Balta

on 25 May 2015

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Transcript of SHEM/NAME

Lets look how the deceased estate works
"May God enlarge Yafet, and may he dwell in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be their servant." Bereshit 9:27 , what we are dealing with here is prophecy, a statement that possesses unequivocal significance for the sake of all generations to come .The nations of Yafet are well known to us. They are the nations of Europe, and America derives from them as well.
What is your name? Let's ask what is in the name that makes you so special? Is it not coincidence that the book in Torah, which talks about Redemption is called SHMOT/NAMES.
Are you familiar with Law Dictionary,where the words are given complete different definitions and meaning. This language is called legalese. We going to use those definitions from Black Law dictionary and would like to show how we are being deceived in the level of UNDERSTANDING/BINAH.
NAME- a word, or a combination of words by which person, place or a thing, a body or a class or any object of thought is designated and known.

Please notice that 'man' 'human being' is not included in definition. But as far as man is concerned the name is something that we have responded to since being born, given by our parents.
So, all the paperwork, which comes to us addressed to Mr. DOE in ALL CAPS NAME
From the definition we'll see that body has a name,as on the tombstones written in ALL CAPS
What is the name?
And this is the trial with which the Jews shall be tested during the 70 years of the final exile. For a poor man is considered like a dead man, and as if he had given up his soul [NOTLIM NAFSHO]. The body, the soul and money are all considered equal. Tikkune Zohar, Hakdama

What if we respond to the name:
1. We are dead
2. We are corporation
3. We are a ship or a vessel
If we are dead we are intestate (died without a will)
someone needs to administer our estate
If We are ship or a vessel
We come under Maritime Law
If We are a Corporation
We can be dragged to Court
The Corporation must have a Vessel/Corporation/Estate to attach its charges to, however it cannot put charges to the living man.

Black Law Dictionary
A doctrine that holds that an individual that acts as a company is treated as one and the same as the company. Such a person is not merely acting as a servant or an agent of the company: he or she is embodiment of the company.
The doctrine of identification is thus distinct from vicarious responsibility.
Here they tell us that if we respond to the name we are the company.

According to this theory, the solution for the problem of attributing fault to a corporation for offenses that require
intention was to merge the individual within the corporation WITH the corporation itself
STRAW MAN 1) a person to whom title to property or a business interest is transferred for the sole purpose of concealing the true owner and/or the business machinations of the parties. Thus, the straw man has no real interest or participation but is merely a passive stand-in for a real participant who secretly controls activities. Sometimes a straw man is involved when the actual owner is not permitted to act,

Vatahar Rivkah ishto - And his wife Rivkah conceived. The gematria of ishto, his wife (707), is equal to that of kash va-esh,
straw and fire
, and refers to [Esav and Yaakov about whom it is written],
vehayah beit Yaakov esh, And the house of Yaakov shall be a fire... uveit Esav lekash, and the house of Esav for straw
(Ovadyah 1:18).
Ve-acharei chen yatza achiv - After that his brother emerged. Veyado ochezet ba'akev Esav, with his hand grasping the heel of Esav. The gematria of chen is 70, i.e., Yaakov emerged after chen (=70) nations whose number was completed with Esav's birth, for there are seventy nations aside from the descendants of Yaakov.
The Zohar(Bereshit) comments on this verse that Esau is compared to the Original Snake (nachash kadmoni), who came from the side of Binah (Chava).
Ishto (his wife) is also stands for Binah about which its written: (Proverbs 5: 5): “And her feet go down to death”. And she is the evil drop, the filth of the foreign g-d. The potion of death, the filth and the prepuce, of the TREE OF DEATH. Tikkune Zohar Tikkun 69
First of all we would have to have body: JOHN DOW
The Estate must have BENEFICIARIES
When a person dies their estate administered
by personal representatives.
If the deceased person made a will their
personal representatives
will be his
appointed at the will.
Where there is
no will, personal representatives
are appointed by court under letters of administration and are called administrators and in this case a person's estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy.
Since, we did not leave a will before we were declared DEAD, THEY HAVE TO APPOINT SOMEONE FOR US CALLED
Personal representative
means administrator, executor, or trustee.
the law recognizes different forms of death not all of them
meaning the
ens of physical life
. The term
civil death
is used to
describe the circumstance of the individual who has been
convicted of the serious crime or sentenced to life imprisonment.
civil death noun
: the status of the living person equivalent in its legal
consequences to his natural death: specifically:
deprivation of his
civil rights.

The person, who creates the trust is the
. Government created JOHN DOW. Settlor gave us a receipt for the trust which is our Birth/Berth(death) Certificate. Also it manifests that Government is holding property on our behalf. Please come and claim it.
The person who holds property for another's benefit is
the trustee
It's called
Public trust
The person who is benefiting by the trust is
,who are us or cestiu que trust
The property which comprises the trust is the
trust res,
corpus, principal or subject matter. Collective from life insurance, policy, rents, annuities.
Each year we are supposed to get an annuities from the
trust res.
Since we are not claiming our share it goes to the
Common wealth/General account as
unclaimed money
The Beneficiary/beneficial owner is identified by the printout/extract/certificate of life birth.

The Birth Certificate is the Estate
Legal Title stems from the Birth Certificate
On this side they always ask for Name and Birthday but only hold legal title to the certificate but not to the NAME.
Birth Certificate was issued by the Government and was issued with a NAME and if we use this we are
obligated to them
Birth Certificate is their intellectual property and if we use it we pay the price. Since at the bottom of certificate it's printed
Nobody owns the NAME but if we accept responsibilities for it, then we hold
for it and must pay.
The Government issued IDs is the intent and the will of the legislature to be recognized through the NAME.
Since we have the same name as the Name of the Birth Certificate we assume that it is us they referring to and our assumption leads us to accept the TRUSTEE portion of the Trust and be responsible for everything they do.
RESURRECTION Restore (a dead person) to life, Revive or revitalize (something that is inactive, disused, or forgotten)
In order for us to be resurrected we have to correct the records:
1. Do an adverse claim on Birth Certificate via Affidavit
2. We can surrender Birth Certificate
3. We can have collections done on the Birth Certificate
4. We can send it to the TAX Agency to create a trust to work in private
5. We aalso have a right to return their documents and tell them to get lost
6. We have a right to security on the person (the legal entity)
The Tresury holds the wealth of the nation TAX Agency is the collection for the Treasury and it is where we obtain our REMEDY.
As for the Trust relationship is the key
1.we must identify the parties of the Trust
2. Identify the parties of the Trust
3. Identify yourself with documents
4. Affidavit to support our position
5. Correctly fill out Tax Agency form
6. Issue restrictions to TAX Agency (or equivalent)

“And the snake was ARUM (Clever) more than any other beast of the field. Clever to do evil more than the beasts that are the nations of the world, the idolaters. EREV RAV are the sons of the Primordial snake that seduced Chava, and the Erev Rav are indeed the filth that the snake transmitted to Chava, and from that filth came out Cain. “(Zohar ha Kaddosh I 28b)
And he said: What is the filth that the serpent transmitted to Chava (Eve) ? He answered: It is LILLIT, the putrid drop is the filth, and it is the leavening in the dough [SEOR SHE BA ISSA] About which it is written: What delays the redemption? The leavening on the dough, and it is the fruit of SAMA-el.
(Proverbs 5: 5): “And her feet go down to death”. And she is the evil drop, the filth of the foreign g-d. The potion of death, the filth and the prepuce, of the TREE OF DEATH.
(Tikkune Zohar Tikkun 69)
The intellectual thinking function of mind corresponds to the sefirat Binah. It represents by the left hemisphere of the brain, which is known to be a rational, analytical thinking. When constructs of the mind are incorrect, this brings foolish thinking (Tumah) on the sefirotic source of Mind, which is the sefirat Binah. The sefirotic Face of Binah is called Imma Ila’ah (the Supernal Mother). Therefore, when the Erev Rav caused a great mental confusion and the machshavot zarot of the intellect, they blemished the power and function of Mind/Binah/Imma above and let that occupied by the LILIT..
“The Shechina is the queen and her servant is Lillit and Lil has no humility no shame in front of the Holy One Blessed be He, and so it is with her sons the Erev Rav, for they are bastards (Mamzerim) sons of nine qualities ASNAT MASHGACHAT (ANUSA; SENUA; NIDDUI; TEMURA; MOREDET; SHECHURA; GERUSHAT HA LEV; CHATZUFA; TAAROVET MAMZERIM MIDERABANNAN)… (Zohar ha Kaddosh III Parashat Pinchas Raaya Mehemna 230ª)
In Parsha Tazriah we are given the laws of the skin disease TZARA’AT, which can render a person spiritually impure. That specific disease does not render an individual impure because of their physical contagiousness, but it is a manifestation of their spiritual fault or contamination (Tumah).
The reason the Torah uses the word "adam" for "man" in the phrase "a man on whose skin…" instead of the more usual word "ish" is because the sin that causes tzara'at to appear on the skin is committed because the individual is in a sense reliving the life of Adam Harishon .
About the BINAH this is the meaning of the verse "Therefore she shall be called 'woman' in Lashon Hakodesh, 'isha' for THIS ONE was taken from man “ish." (Bereshit 2:23) The emphasized words indicate that Chava is here being contrasted with someone else, namely, Lilith. As to why the skin disease is called "tzara'at", it is because it comes from Lilith, who was jealous in Lashon Hakodesh, "TZARAT AYIN". The term used for "jealous" here is "tzarat ayin", literally, "TROUBLED OF EYE".

"Her rival provoked her repeatedly…." (Samuel I 1:6)The word for a rival wife is "tzara", literally, a "troublemaker". In her angry jealously of Chava, she seeks to destroy her children through infant mortality, crib death, etc. (G-d forbid). But she cannot rule over someone who sanctifies himself during marital relations, for such a person elicits a flow of seed from a supernal source, i.e. the river of the Garden of Eiden.
The Ramban is saying, in essence, that tzaraat expresses the departure of Shkinah from a person and the removal of the Divine Presence, and this causes the blemish. Since this blemish emanates from the removal of the Source of Life, therefore, it causes impurity. And while all of the illnesses and afflictions that come upon a person certainly flow from a person's being abandoned to chance,and from the removal of the Hashgacha Pratit from him, that flows merely from the person's being on a low level and given over to chance.
Treatment of tzara'at was complete isolation (GALUT): the person was to live outside the camp, cloak himself up to his lips, and cry out, "Unclean, unclean!"
THE RESHAIM ARE THE EREV RAV THEY ALL RISE AND DOMINATE ISRAEL DURING THE EXILE And the RESHAIM, the evil ones, these are the EREV RAV, and they are called SOF PASUK (The end of the sentence) for they come from the seed of AMALEK about whom it is written KI YAD AL KES YA (Shemot 17:15).
And there are 5 types AMALEKIM, GIBBORIM, NEFILIM, ANAKIM and REFAIM. For they all rise and dominate ISRAEL during the exile and this is what is written (Bereshit 7:18) “And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth” Four times it is written VAYIGBERU - VEGABRU (Prevailed) corresponding to the four exiles. And they are called SOF PASUK for the Holy One Blessed be He will POSEK [Cease them to be] at the end of days from the world. Tikkune Zohar Tikkun 21
Woe to Israel when they are swallowed up by the EREV RAV and about them it is written: “And when they had eaten them up, it could not be known that they had eaten them; but they (Israel) still looked evil as at the beginning”. “Your princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves; every one loves bribes, and follows after rewards; they judge not the orphans neither does the cause of the widow reach them”.
And the enemy prospers is ESAV and ISHMAEL and the seventy celestial princes, for all of them are in plenty and abundance and Israel is suffering and in poverty. And because of this, Woe to the world when they were mixed with this evil multitude. And what caused them to be swallowed up by them and not know that they were inside them? The evil actions that they have performed…(Tikkune Zohar Tikkun 21)
Torah states “Vayipach Be’apav Nishmat Chaim”, “He (G-d) blew into his nostrils the soul of life.” Onkelos translates the above verse as “and the soul of life became in Adam a spirit of speech.”
When Hashem created man, he was given a faculty that no other creation possessed, the power of speech. This became man’s defining quality. We must realize that this is a very same ability was used in the creation of all existence. From here, Chazal derive that just as the power of speech (Vayomer) was used in connection with creation, so too, man has the ability to create and destroy using his power of speech!
In the end, when and as long as the Erev Rav are mixed within Israel, there is no proximity and union in the letters of YUD KE VAV KE. And immediately when they will be erased from the world it is said regarding the letters of Ha Kaddosh Baruch Hu (YUD KE VAV KE) (Zecharia 14) “On that day YUD KE VAV KE will be one as His name one”. And because of this ADAM who is indeed ISRAEL they
have union with the Torah which is a Tree of life to those who hold fast by it…Zohar ha Kaddosh I 27b
HIS MONEY AND HIS HONOR (Rabbi Yehonathan Eyebeshutz, author of Yearot Devash (Derush 15)
And the well was empty (REK) in the masculine, only (RAK) without Torah, but snakes and scorpions are in it, and this is the fourth exile, a generation of RESHAIM evildoers full of snakes and scorpions, deceivers like snakes and scorpions that uproot the laws of the sages and judge in falsehood, and on them it is written “And his enemies became the head”. “And he saw to this side and that side
and saw that there was no man”, among those RESHAIM the EREV RAV, and this is at the end of the exile, and because of this the end of the redemption pierces until the TEHOM RABBA (Great Abyss), and you faithful shepherd, see that TEHOM (Abyss) are the same letters as HAMAVET (Death) in different order, and there is no death except poverty, you went down there, and it is clear among the Tannaim
and the Amoraim, and all of them go down to the TEHOM to help you… Zohar ha Kaddosh III Parashat Ki Tetze Raaya Mehemna 279ª
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