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British Sporting Events

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Zuzanna Sąpór

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of British Sporting Events

British Local Sporting Events
Cotswold Games
Orcadian Football - Ba Game
Street rugby game
Played out in the streets of Kirkwall in Orkney
Every Christmas Day and New Year's Day
since 1850
The game is fairly rough. That's why various authorities tried to ban it, but failed because the tradition is very well supported.
According to the legend : the game commemorates the defeat of Scottish tyrant - Tusker, whose head was kicked through the streets by angry Orcadians
The Orkney Islands
bog - snorkelling
Sports-mad country
Many sports were invented in UK
Cheese Craze
cheese rolling - running downhill after a wheel of cheese
the winner is the person who is the first to reach the cheese
usually part of food festivals. The most famous one is the Cooper's Hill event
the competition is a thing of controversy on account of the high number of injuries, because the hill is very rough and uneven, so the competitors tumble to the bottom.
Egg Throwing
held every year in June
associated with Easter
Egg has been regarded as a symbol of rebirth. That's why in medieval Britain these festivals were held in churches.
There are 2-person teams and their members toss an egg to one another. If the egg doesn't break, they step apart.
The team whose egg remains unbroken longest wins.
The longest throw - about 100 metres
Kind of standing wrestling during which contestants kick one another in the shins. The aim is to force the opponent to fall down.
3 rounds
Straw padding is used for some protection.
Derives from old Celtic traditions.
Black Pudding Throwing
held every year in September, in Ramsbottom
It consists in hurling black pudding (Lancastrian) at stacks of Yorkshire pudding.
Each participant gets 3 tries to dislodge as many Yorkshire puddings from the stack as possible. The best throw counts
The competition was inspired by the War of the Roses from 15th century. The legend has it that after both sides ran out of the ammunition, they began a food fight.
First organized in Chipping Campden in 1612
The great number of local sporting events and unusual sports attract tourists from the whole world.
That makes Great Britain unique compared to other countries in sport.
Involves eg.: horse-racing, jumping, wrestling and shin-kicking
Held on the Friday after the Spring Bank Holiday
There are 2 teams :
The ball(ba) is thrown into the assembled crowd of players - the game begins
have to touch the ba against the wall in the south end of the town
(born to the south)
(born to the north)
have to get the ba into the water of Kirkwall Bay, to the north
the ball is thrown from the brick platform.
participants try to carry the ball to their own goal (south/north of the town)
The distance between them is 3 miles, so scoring a goal means hitting the mill stone 3 times.
Football in Ashbourne
played in the small market town of Ashbourne.
Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday
since 12th century
There are 2 teams :
Other outlandish sporting events:
pea shooting
eating nettles
greasy pole climbing
pea - shooting
greasy pole climbing
eating nettles
by Zuzanna Sąpór
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