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Cry, the Beloved Country Historical Context

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Sally Nulton

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Cry, the Beloved Country Historical Context

African Inhabitants of South Africa SA's POPULATION: CENSUS 2011
Population group %
African- 79.2%
White- 8.9%
Coloured- 8.9%
Indian/Asian- 2.5%
Other- 0.5% Cry, the Beloved Country Apartheid -Several months after the publication of the novel, the National Party came to power in South Africa and instituted apartheid, which means separation of the races. The Novel - Written in 1941, by Alan Paton Unit One: Cry, The Beloved Country
Introduction to the Novel Historical Context Founding of South Africa 1400s 1652 Zulu and Xhosa tribes establish large kingdoms in the South Africa region. 1852 1st Flag of South Africa "I have one great fear in my heart, that one day when they are turned to loving, they will find that we are turned to hating." -Divided into three parts
-Book 1 Reverend Stephen Kumalo's journey
-Book 2 Jame's Jarvis' journey
-Book 3 Both Kumalo and Jarvis Structure and Style of the Novel The Dutch establish the port of Cape Town. They are the first Europeans to settle in South Africa. 1886 Gold is discovered in Johannesburg, making the city rich. 1899-1902 Dutch settlers fight the British in the Boer War. Britain eventually gains control of South Africa. The British take control of Cape Town. 1910 Union of South Africa is formed Apartheid is introduced. Laws legally and physically separate different racial groups. 1948 -The white controlled government of South Africa created laws to keep land and wealth in the hands of whites. -It forced blacks to move to poor rural areas called homelands -Black people could not vote, were placed in poor schools, had low paying jobs, and had to carry identification. -Takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa - Social and political novel that combines both fictional and factual information in its analysis of social and political South African systems - Influenced by Abraham Lincoln's writing - Advocates Christian and race-free South Africa -Written in lyrical prose and multiple point of views -Expresses moral perspective on South African social situation -Ponders the nature of South African events actions, and sociopolitical ideologies -Prophesies on the political future of the country
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