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Red vs Blue Philosophy

No description

Kris Warrington

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Red vs Blue Philosophy

Red vs Blue focuses on two groups of soldiers in a box canon in the middle of nowhere (Blood Gulch). These teams are known as Red Team and Blue team. The Reds and Blues believe they are fighting in a civil war,until an incident where Tucker (Blue team) finds out the Reds and Blues are really just test dummies for "Project Freelancer". Project Freelancer is a Special Operations program studying skilled agents with experimental A.I programs surgically implanted into their heads. They use the Reds and Blues as testing grounds to test the newly equipped agents. Left to right: Lopez,Sarge,Simmons (On the jeep), Grif,and Donut. Left to right: Tucker,Tex,Epsilon,Church,Caboose,Sheila The Tank Left to right: The Chairman,Four-Seven-Niner,Main,North,South,Carolina,York,Washington,CT,Wyoming,Florida,The Directer,Tex The agents of Project Freelancer are code named after the U.S states. The classification of this work is a comic science fiction video web series created by RoosterTeeth Productions. The video you just say was from season 9 episode 1.
In the episode Church has a small monolouge at the beggining. His monolouge is about what has happened is the previous season and he learned he was the original A.I from Project Freelancer. Church isn't really a "badass super soldier" like he says he is. He is actually a computer program designed for Project Freelancers reasearch. There are several "versions" of Church. "Alpha Church" In seasons 9 and 10, the topic of Good and Evil is more explored with Project Freelancer vs "The rebels" Good and Evil is also examinded by the Reds and Blues. They think each other to be evil. Project Freelancer is thought to be doing research for the military to help fight "The great war" and save the human race. One of Sarges favorite lines to shout before battle is "I get to administrate my lethal brand of Red Justice!" Grif has a pretty good idea of what the good life is. To him,its doing nothing, and just sleeping all day. Red vs Blue uses simple shapes to make complicated images in the back grounds of their episodes. The reason I started watching Red vs Blue was when a friend showed it to me and I loved the crude humor style they use. RvB uses Post Modernism art in the design of the A.I characters, like Sigma for examply. He is a body made of flames. The entire Season 10 trailer was a montage of post modernism containing important lines from the previous 9 seasons. The End. Coming soon.
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