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Country Report

Joe Bianchi

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Switzerland

Switzerland Country Report
Book 1=Switzerland Enchantment of the world
website: www. ...
Important Physical Featurers
Resource: pg.13 - pg.18 Book 1
Switzerland is...

70% Mtns.
made up of Alps+ Jura Mtns.
30% other, is called Mitteland+ Swiss plateau (most people live there)
Glaciers cover 600 sq. miles
lots of Glaciers caves- bring 100,000 tourists per year
cover 60% of land in Switzerland
largest Mtns. in Europe
Average hight 3,576ft.
Over 100 peaks are over 13,000ft.
Resource: pg. 23 - pg. 24 Book 1

above 6,000ft. snow falls for 6 months a year
highest peaks receive 100in. of snow per year
Rochers De Naye gets 102in. of persiptation per year
temperatures in the Swiss plateau range: 60* - 70*F in summer

Top of the Alps:
freezing temperatures - makes terrain dangerous+ unlivable

Ticino region:
58% of possible sun light a year
Tourist Destinations
Resource: website - http://www.myswitzerland.com/en/destinations/top_attractions/attractions-culture/old-city-chapel-bridge-water-tower-lucerne.html
Chapel bridge in Lucerne
built in the 14th century
named after St. Peters Chapel
illustrated paintings added in 17th century
Octagonal water tower added in 1300 - Lucerne's trade mark
medievil bridge - town
Resource: website - http://europeforvisitors.com/switzaustria/articles/bern_bear_pits.htm http://switzerland-travel.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_new_bear_park_is_a_top_sight_to_see_in_bern
The Bears of Bern
Legend says - "On the first hunt the first animal killed was a bear" - German word Bären = Bears
If legend is true - thats how Bern got its name
The bear is on Bern's seal
Bern is Switzerland capital
A new Bear park replaced the old pit. More information go to the second website
Chillon Castle
Resource: website - http://www.chillon.ch/en/
Oldest written document says that it was a house of slavery that controlled the route along lake Geneva
acsibale from the lake at all sides
is just about 100m X 50m
Is a good loacation to Contral the passage from northern Europe to sothern.
Is now a historical monument
Palace Of Nations in Geneva
Resource: website -http://www.unog.ch/
More than 8,000 meetings a year
More than 1,600 staff
192 membered states
organisational support to a wide range of multilateral disarmament agreements
called - The United Nations Office at Geneva = UNOG
Palace Of Nations
National Symbles
When the morning skies grow red,
and over us their radiance shed
Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light
when the alps glow bright with splendor,
pray to God, to Him surrender
for you feel and understand
that He dwelleth in this land.

In the sunset Thou art night
and beyond the starry sky
Thou, O loving father, ever near,

when to Heaven we are departing
joy and bliss Thou'lt be imparting
for we feel and understand
that Thou dwellest in this land.

When dark clouds enshroud the hills
and gray mist the valley fills
yet Thou art not hidden from thy sons
pierce the gloom in which we cower
with Thy sunshine's cleansing power
then we'll feel and understand
that God dwelleth in this land.
Switzerland National Anthem
Switzerland Flag
Switzerland National Bird
Switzerland National Flower
Trasportain infrastrure
St. Gallen
Map of Switzerland
Switzerland Report
Matterhorn in Zermatt
Resource: website - http://www.ski-zermatt.com/zermatt.html
There are no cars here - just cobbled streets and horses with sleighs
Matterhorn is a Mtn. at the hight of 14,692 feet high
Zermatt is circled by Mtns. All over 13,000ft high
Around 5,500 permanat residents - 13,500 gest beds
Languige - German
1 heliport - 4 chopers
Did you know that Swiwitzerland has never been at war since 1856
There is a spot for every Swiss citezin in a tunnel in case of a nucalare Attack
every swiss citezen is in the military is a solider and if they get called to duty they have to drop work and anything else if nesasery or pay a speial tax
Wepons are cept in houses
The Swiss have never been in a state of war since 1856.
Swiss Alps
Bilding in the Swiss Plateau
Rochers De Naye
Skiing snowbording and mounteering are the most poplare sports in Switzerland
The Swiss are Fans of football (soccer)
Good sailers
Combat vehicles
Leopard 87 main battle tank (224 in service)
M113 armored personnel carrier (580 in service)
APC 2000 variant of CV9030 infantry fighting vehicle (186 in service)
APC 93 variant of Piranha II 8x8 wheeled APC (515 in service)
Reconnaissance vehicles 93, 93/97 variants of Eagle I-II armoured patrol vehicle (326 in service)
M109 self-propelled howitzer (224 in service)
Piranha TOW anti-tank variant of the Piranha I 6x6 (120 in service)
Source: Swiss Armed Forces - Land forces weapon systems (p. 12)[1]
trains are one of the main trasportion sourses in Switzerland
Joe Bianchi
Country Report
Cantons are a Basicly states
Did you know that Switzerland has not been at war since 1856 and that there is a spot for every citizen and some tourist in a tunnel (usually in the Alps)? 70% of the land in Switzerland is mountains. 60% of the mountains are the Alps. The other 30% is the Swiss plateau also known as the Mitteland. Most people live here. Most cities are here too. Some of the big cities are Zurich, Lucerne, and the capital, Bern. People like to go to Switzerland because of the skiing and the amazing tourist destinations. WHY DON'T YOU GO TOO!!!
Switzerland is an interesting country. Many things are different from other countries because of the Alps. The climate is a great example. Above 6,000 feet snow falls for 6 months of the year. Some of high peaks get 100 inches of snow each year. Rochers De Naye gets 102 inches of precipitation per year (Which is the most in Switzerland). The top of the Alps are freezing, dangerous and unlivable but if you go to the Tino region it is sunny for most of the year. It gets 58% of possible sun shine a year. In the Swiss Plateau the summer temperatures range from 60 degrees to 70 degrees. Another thing that is different is the Swiss focused on tourism. This is shown in many popular towns, like Zermatt. There are more guest beds than residents. In case you don’t know, Switzerland is located in western Europe with France to the west, Germany to the north, Italy to the south, and Austria and Liechtenstein to the east or on a map its 7 degrees latitude 48 degrees longitude. The climate, topography and the location are the reasons why Switzerland is an interesting country.
Switzerland regions are fascinating and beautiful. Some of those regions are the Alps, Jura Mountains, and the Mitteland which is also known as the Swiss Plateau. Most of the people and big cities are there in the Swiss plateau but that is only 30% of the land in Switzerland. What about the rest? Well, the Alps cover 60% of the land in Switzerland and are the biggest mountains in Europe. The average height in the Alps is 3,576 feet tall but there over 100 peaks over 1,300 feet. The other mountains in Switzerland are the Jura Mountains. The highest peak is Le Crêt de la Neige at 5,635 feet tall. The Jura Mountains stretch above the Alps running through Switzerland and France. These mountains even have a canton (a canton is basically a Swiss state) named after it, called Jura. The beauty and majesty is what Switzerland’s regions are there amazing.
Switzerland has some big cities and some astonishing places. One of them is the Matterhorn in Zermatt. This town has no cars and has cobbled streets and horses pulling sleighs. The language spoken in Zermatt is German and there are around 5,500 permanent residents and 13,500 guest beds. The only way to get to Zermatt is either to take the train or to ride a helicopter. Zermatt is a tourist town full of history and skiing. Great Skiing! Zermatt is circled by mountains all over 13,000ft high. The Matterhorn alone is a mountain at the height of 14,692 feet. It’s famous because of a hook top that looks like a horn. Isn't it spectacular?
Another beautiful and interesting destination is the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne. The bridge was built in the 14th century and it was named after Saint Peters Chapel on the side of the bridge. In the 17 century paintings were added to the bridge. In 1300 an Octagonal water tower was added to the bridge. That tower is now Lucerne's trademark. This bridge has been around since the medieval times and is still here today.
The next stop for the Swiss places of interest is the Palace of Nations in Geneva. One of the offices in the building is United Nations Office. This office holds more than 8,000 meetings a year and has a staff of 1,600. There are 192 states (every country represents a state) are members here too. Another place that is interesting is The Chillion Castle. No one knows how old the castle is but the oldest written document says that it was a house of slavery that controlled the passage along Lake Geneva. It’s now a historical monument 100 meters by 50 meters. This beautiful castle is in a great place to control the passage from northern Europe to southern and it is accessible to the lake at all sides.
Now let’s go over to the capital, Bern. A Legend says, “On the first hunt, the first animal killed was a bear" and in the German language the word Bären means bears. So if legend is true, that’s how Bern got its name. In Bern there is a bear pit that holds bears but now they have made a new bear park. The bear is also on Bern seal. Did you know that Bern is the seconded biggest city in Switzerland, and it’s the Capital? These are Switzerland’s great tourist destinations!
Now let’s look at the cities. Zurich is Switzerland’s biggest city and is really cool. It has a population of over 1.68 million and is sometimes called the cultural capital of Switzerland. According to a several surveys during 2006 and 2009 it is ranked number 1 for the best quality life in the world and is the wealthiest city in Europe. It is also ranked 3rd for the most expensive city in Europe and 2nd for the most expensive city in Switzerland after Geneva. Isn’t it awesome?
These are the reasons why Switzerland is a great country. The tourist destinations are full of excitement and beautiful decorations. The city Zurich is fun and don't forget the awesome skiing in the Alps. I chose Switzerland because I love trains and that is one of Switzerland main transportations, and my Grandma was from Switzerland. I love Switzerland!

Joe Bianchi
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