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Chester Final Presentation

No description

Maria Guilbeau

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Chester Final Presentation

Summary Finance Excess Cash
Bought back shares
Early Dividend Key Events Dividend
Focused on other multiple Markets
Ferris vs. rise in cash Marketing Production R&D Maria Guilbeau
Ben Kirby
Anton Lobov
Morgan Porter
Ross Schwalenberg

Final Presentation
Chester 40 At Chester our focus is 2 things: The Customer, and The Cheese.
Our Mission is to provide highest quality industrial sensors at the lowest affordable prices. Here at Chester, those sensors are known as the “The Cheese”.
Cost Leadership --> Integrated Strategy --> Broad Differentiation Summary Average to above average -->
Average to below average
Low Promo budget
Focused on High Accessibility Presence in every market
Ideal spots
R&D cycle reduction after round 2 Capacity low = lower assets
Maximize second shift Finance Financed plant equipment with excess Cash
Earlier Dividend
Retired Stock Human Resources Minimum number of complement employees
Training hours began in Round 2
Employee Pay Maximum investment for first 3 years
Initial focus on material and labor reductions
Maintained continous investments TQM Financial Performance Performance Measures Dividend
Focused on other multiple Markets
Ferris vs. rise in cash Key Events
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