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Can a Dream Change the World?

No description

Emma Mellon

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Can a Dream Change the World?

Can a Dream Change the World?
Your dream can change the world!
Is there anything you have thought you could never accomplish?

Well you were wrong! As long as you have the perseverance to make your dream come true, it can. Your dream can change the world. Good Luck!
“And I can fight only for something that I love, love only what I respect, and respect only what I at least know.” - Hitler
Dreamers that changed the world....
Martin Luther King Jr.
Nelson Mandela
Abraham Lincoln
Charles Darwin
Ben Franklin
Louis Pasteur
Margret Thatcher
Johann Gutenburg
"How can we do that? You were the one who said that if we believe in something greater than our lives, then our voices will only multiply even if we are dead. We can't disown our campaign!' - Malala Yousafzai
Many dreams come true everyday. The difference between a dream, and a dream that can change the world is simple. A dream that changes the world affects the lives of several people. A personal dream can either effect the whole world or just one individual.
Mr. Pickering
Malala believes that all females deserve equal rights. She is an advocate for girls everywhere. She has not changed the world (yet) but she has brought awareness too her cause. In the future we believe she has the potential to change the world.
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison's dream changed the world. He was a great inventor who created many things. Life without Edison's inventions would be very different.
A Dream...
A dream can be defined as a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind.

Although Hilter's dream was not one that benefitted society, his dream did indeed change the world. He made the world aware of what could happen with extreme power.
Malala Yousafzai
While being interviewed, Mr. Pickering told us his hopes, his dreams, his inspirations, and what it takes to put a dream into action. In the interview, Mr. Pickering explains that dreams do come true, but you need to be persistent with your actions.
By: Emma Mellon & Isaac Bacon
Born April 20, 1889
Grew up in Austria
Loved Germany from a young age
Many siblings
Dreams were crushed when he couldn't get into art school
Didn't have a good relationship with his father
Rebelled religion
Had few friends
Young Adult
Lived in Germany
Joined army
Became"asset with Jews"
Went to prison for plotting to over through the Republic
Wrote Mein Kampf
Meetings started, attracked thousands
Had a huge following
His power was unquestionable
Time in Power
Prime time 1920-1940
Became leader of Germany
Strived to create a perfect race
Built up German economy after WWI
Built the "German War Machine"
Built the Autobahn
Believed all Jewish people were bad
Started Nazi Party
Captured and tortured Jews
Hitler obliterated people
Needed to be in control
Life After Hitler
People realized this should never happen again
Since the end of the war nothing like this has happened in Germany
People realize what to much power can do
Malala's Life
16 years old
2 brothers
Father was a teacher
Targeted by terrorist for her beliefs
Sees terrorist acts in her village all the time
Goes to school
October 9, 2012
Got on public bus for a short ride home
Sitting with friends
Empty road, flagged down by two men
Men looking for Malala because of her out spoken thoughts about girls education, also because of her father who let girls go to school
Attacked bus
Four girls wounded
Malala shot in head
Bullet lodged in back
Air lifted to hospital
In hospital for a long time
Life Today
She speaks for women's rights
Brings awareness to these issues
Written many blogs, stories, and more
Inspiration to women everywhere
Still goes to school
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison

Early Life
Born February 11, 1847
Believed to be born in poverty
Trouble in school for being to smart
ADHD- not diagnosed
Liked reading and poetry
Loved science
Was 16 when he worked the telegraph
Abe Lincoln was his hero
Father taught him Morse Code
Invented Phonograph and motion picture camera
Wizard of Menlo park
Has 1093 pattens
Invented until he was 84
Where would we be without Edison?
We would not have movies, light bulbs, many people would not have jobs in the media industry. Thomas Edison did a lot for our world. His dream of being a great inventor was definitely accomplished.
Tuesday's with Morrie
Romeo and Juliet
Martin Luther King Jr.
Morrie had a dream to educate and influence as many people as possible. Morrie came to be famous on the show
His participation on this well known show influenced the live of many people, including his closest friend Mitch Albom, the writer of
Tuesday's with Morrie
. Morrie impacted Albom's life with immense power. Morries voice was heard through out the world with the airing of the show and the publication of the book. Did Morrie change the would? Thats for you to descide.

The writer of
Romeo and Juliet,
William Shakespeare, had a dream that many poets and writers have; to change literature forever. He accomplished his dream. His work is some of the most renown pieces of literature in the world. People still devote there lives to try and uncover the deeper meanings of his writing. Writing would not be the same if it was not for Shakespeare.
There is no question Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world. His name is a house hold name. His greatness is felt through out people today. His most famous speech is "
I have a dream"
. That speech changed the way people looked at blacks in sociaty and helped the equal rights movement.
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