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Projekt 1065

No description

Eli Whidby

on 17 February 2017

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Transcript of Projekt 1065

The setting is Berlin Germany
Michel and his parents are originally from Ireland
It takes place during the Nazi Era
the family must pretend to be nazis because if they don't it will be the last thing they do
The theme of the this book is Don't trust anyone
This is the theme because in the book you don't know who is a spy
This book begins with Michel at a dinner party with Nazi generals. At that dinner party he is searching for Nazi military secrets. While he was searching he found one suspicious piece of paper tucked in side a book with many numbers in a code.
Rising action
Michel learns that the don"t have to wait a whole year to enter the highest rank of the Hitler youth
Michel and his parents learned about projekt 1065 which is a plane with no propeler
Michel and his parents went to many dinner parties looking for the plans
falling action
the plans end up being a plan for a propeller less plane
They send the plans to the allies
the allies build the plane them self
the allies use the plane against the axsis powers
Michel, Michel's parents, Simon, fritz, a British pilot, and Michel's friends from the Hitler youth
The most important characters of these is Michel and Fritz
They are the most important because they are the driving force behind the elements of the story
The climax in this story is when michel and his family find the plans for projekt 1065
Projekt 1065
By: Alan Gratz
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