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The Maze Runner By James Dashner

No description

Jack Edmeades

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of The Maze Runner By James Dashner

The plot of The Maze Runner summarized in a freytag pyramid.
New York Times Best Selling List for One year
The Maze Runner By James Dashner
Types of conflicts in this book
Man vs Man (Thomas vs Gally)
Man vs Society (Thomas vs the gladers)
Man vs Self (Thomas vs Himself)
Man vs Nature (The gladers vs the maze and grievers)
The setting of the book "The Maze Runner" is in this place called "the glade" The glade is quite a large landscape, its about the size of 5 football fields. it has a homestead which is a place to sleep, a mini crop field filled with vedgetables, and a barn filled with animals. it also has a place called the dead heads which is a forest/cemetery.

Thomas: The main character in the book
Alby: The leader of all the gladers
Newt: Takes over if anything happens to Alby
James Dashner
James Smith Dashner born on November 26th 1972 in Austelle Georgia is a famous author, especially for his works in the maze runner. James used to be in the world of fnance and numbers until he switcched to his love of reading and writing. he has recieved many awards over the years but his most memorable being on the New York Times Bestselling list for a year
The Maze Runner By James Dashner
New York State Charlotte Award
Kentucky bluegrass Award
Oregon Readers Choice Award
New Hampshire Isinglass Teen Read Award
Missouri Truman Reader’s Award
Illinois Abraham Lincoln Award
Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award
Arizona Grand Canyon Reader Award
Georgia Peach Book Award
New Jersey Garden Stare Book Award
A list of James' accomplishments
The theme of the book The Maze Runner would be trust because everyone in the glade has to rust each other in order to survive together.
The moral of this book would be to trust the ones you are close to.
The Maze Runner The Movie coming out this september
Thomas wakes up in the
box and is greeted by the other boys
A girl enters the maze for the first time ever
then Thomas gets attacked by a crazed boy
named Ben
Thomas, Alby, and Minho get trapped in the maze for the night but they end up being the first ones ever to survive the maze at night
The maze turns gray, the doors to the maze stay open to allow the grievers in to kill everyone one by one by each night. so most of the gladers create an escape plan
17 out of the 41 boys survive the night and the 17 find out that it was all just a test and another test was starting soon
Chuck: Thomas's best friend once he enters the glade
Minho: The keeper of the runners
Gally: despises Thomas because he's different

Ben: going through the changing when Thomas arrives then attacks him
Frypan: The chef for the gladers
Teresea: The first girl to ever enter the glade
Clint: one of the med-jacks who are the medical responders for the glade
Jeff: The Other med-jack
Winceton: The keeper of the blood house (slaughter house)
Zart: The keeper of the track-hoes (crops)
Hideous woman: A crazed woman who tells Thomas that he is meant to save them all
The creators: The ones who imprisioned the kids in the glade
A picture of "The Glade"
Book Review
I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves action or drama because this book is jam packed with both. For myself i think that this is the best book i have ever read for its strong vocabulary and a brilliant topic that i could relate to other great movies or books.
Thanks For Watching
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