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Social Democracy

No description

Scott Thomas

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Social Democracy

Key Principles Labour & Social Democracy Social Democracy Background Not as left as Democratic Socialism

War & Economic Boom prompted a
'revisionist' shift away from Radical Socialism

Main theorist was Anthony Crosland

No Radical Final Goal Rejection of Ideological blueprints
Capitalism with a Human Face
Equality of Opportunity
Freedom & Fairness seen as more important than quality of outcome
Mild redistribution of wealth
Acceptance of Mixed Economy
Downplay class Dominated the Party: 1945-1994
Social Democracy rejects Clause IV
Gaitskell tried to abolish it in 1959
Competiton as far as it possible, planning as far as it is necessary
Keep Private healthcare and education Labour & Social Democracy Improve health, education and welfare through moderate redistribution of wealth
Collectivism was never really contemplated
Mixed but mainly private economy
No more nationalisations Attlee's Government Didn't nationalize all the top industries
Regulation was enacted in the economy
People argued it wasn't socialist enough 'Keep Left Group'
Welfare State limited slightly with NHS Charges More 'Social' than Socialist?
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