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Percent Word Problems 7.RP.3

No description

Lauren Genet

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Percent Word Problems 7.RP.3

Problem #5
Complete all the percent word problems on this Prezi. Once you have completed that show your work to Miss Genet. You will then be given an answer sheet to check your work. Any incorrect work needs to be reviewed and corrected.
Problem #1
A new basketball costs $25.00 at the sporting goods store. If the store is having a going out of business sale and everything is 60% off, what is the actual cost of the basketball?
Problem #4
Problem #2
Problem #3
Percent Word Problems 7.RP.3
A furniture store is having a sale on couches. If a couch that originally costs $3,400.00 is on sale for 15% off, what is the actual cost of the couch?
A new television is on sale for $680.00, which is 20% off of its original price. What was the original price?
A baseball glove is on sale for $34.00 which is 15% off of its original price. What was the original price?
In response to a very high demand, a basketball jersey has been marked up by 25% and is now selling for $95.00. How much was the jersey before the markup?
Problem #6
A university has raised$8,000 for a new scholarship fund. A university trustee offers to match the donation up to 6% if the university can raise $1,500 more for the fund. If the university if able to raise the extra amount, how much money would be in the fund after the trustee's donation?
Problem #7
A fountain originally costs $100.00, but it is on sale for 35% off. If a customer buying the fountain has a coupon for $12.00 off any purchase, what will the final price be on the fountain? (Apply percent discount then the dollar amount discount)
Problem #8
A TV at an electronics store originally costs $600, but it is on sale for 30% off. If a customer has a coupon for $35.00 off of any purchase, what will her final price be? (Apply percent discount then the dollar amount discount)
Problem #9
A department store is having a 25% off sale on all winter coats. If you have a coupon for an additional 20% off of any item, how much will a $159.99 winter coat cost?
The sales tax in Philadelphia is 6%.  How much sales tax
 would be charged on a purchase of $127?  What would  the total  cost of the purchase be?
Problem #10
Problem # 11
As an incentive to sell more clothing, each clerk at the sporting goods store is given a 5% commission on their sales each month on top of their hourly wage. How much commission will an employee earn if they sell $3500 worth of clothes?
Problem # 12
A bicycle helmet is priced at $18.50. If it is on sale for 10% off and there is 7% sales tax, how much will it cost after tax?
Problem #13
A dealer sold a stereo system for $754 after he marked it up 45%. What did the dealer pay for the stereo system?
Problem #14
Big Ed’s Used Cars prices their cars at 30% above what they paid. If a car is advertised for $1066, how much did Big Ed pay for the car?
Problem #15
An engineer measured the weight carried by a beam at 2500 pounds. If this is an increase of 30%, then what was the original weight carried by the beam? (Round to the nearest whole number)
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