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Lily and Sidney

No description

lib hist

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of Lily and Sidney

Ross A. McGinnis
Sadao Munemori was born on August 17, 1922, he died saving his comrades in Seravezza, Italy.
Sadao was born in Los Angelos , he as the fourth of five children and was nicknamed "Spud" because he liked potatoes.
Sadao was killed in Italy, he was a Private First Class when the command of his unit was passed down to him because the original leader was wounded. He made frontal attacks into direct fire, by himself, and took out 2 machineguns with 1 grenade. His unit was retreating when an unexploded grenade bounced off his helmet. In a moment of bravery, he smothered the blast with his body, saving his comrades and sacrificing himself in the process.
Ross A. McGinnis
McGinnis was born in Knox, Pennsylvania, in June 14, 1987. He was the fourth person in war with Iraq to earn the Medal of Honor. He had sacrificed his life for it.
McGinnis was born in Knox, Pennsylvania, in June 14, 1987. When he was in the Kindergarten, he had gotten a slip of paper saying "When I grow up I want to be______". He had written "Army man".
Cause of Death
McGinnis had unfortunately died in his act of bravery. Him and his four other soldiers were in a truck in Baghdad, Iraq. As McGinnis was manning the gun, he saw a grenade coming their way. In warning he had yelled out "Grenade!!" so the others could have time to prepare for it. Like most other would, he could've jumped out but he didn't and instead stayed and protected the others. Doing this, he sacrificed himself causing his death in December 4, 2006.
Private First Class
Died from grenade
Both earned Medal of Honor posthumously
Born in America
Munemori is a minority, McGinnis is not
Different wars, McGinnis is Iraq, Munemori in WWII
Detail 3

Munemori: How’s life in the afterlife *wink*

McGinnis: It’s alright. Did you sacrifice yourself as well?

Munemori closes eyes and inhales deeply. We fade into a flashback. WWII rages around a young “Spud” Munemori.

Fellow soldier: Private!!! The commander has just been wounded, we need you to resume the role of leader!

Munemori: Aiy Aiy!

Munemori dives into direct fire facing two machineguns.


Munemori throws a hand grenade and takes out two birds with one stone.

Munemori: RETREAT!

The unit retreats when a grenade hits Munemori in the head, but does not explode.

Munemori: OH NO! A G R E N A D E!

Munemori jumps on the grenade as it explodes, saving the lives of the two soldiers beside him.


McGinnis: You okay? You kind of faded there.

Munemori: Yea Im good. And yes, I did sacrifice myself

Munemori: How about you?

McGinnis fades into flashback.

McGinnis and his four other soldiers are in the truck in Iraq while McGinnis is manning the gun. As he is, he sees a grenade coming right toward them.
McGinnis: GRENADE!!

Sadao Munemori:
Munemori displayed great valor when he faced direct fire and two machineguns alone.
Ross A. McGinnis is a private first class soldier who had sacrificed his life for four others in a truck. He had done this by jumping in front of them when there had been a grenade coming towards them. He had passed on December 4, 2006. This is why sacrifice is a characteristic for McGinnis.
We enter at the annual Medal of Honor Recipients Convention for the posthumous. In the grenade section we find two soldiers by the names of Sadao “Spud” Munemori, and Ross A. McGinnis.
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