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Documentary Ideas

Documentary ideas

Dyfrig Jones

on 25 February 2017

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Transcript of Documentary Ideas

Documentary ideas
What qualities should a good documentary idea have?
Taken from Glynn, Andy (2008) Documentaries...and how to make them, Kamera Books
You must ensure that you have a realistic chance of
getting your story on screen or on the airwaves.
Think about how you will realise your idea
The golden rule - Showing is more interesting than telling.
Good documentaries should include action. Do not rely on interviews to tell your story.
Who are the characters in my film?
What happens to those characters during the film?
Is there a distinct beginning, middle and end?
How do my characters change during the film?
How will I avoid over-relying on sit-down interviews?
Workshop task - Split into groups, and begin to think about possible ideas that you could develop.
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