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Physical Theatre

A presentation on Physical Theatre

Annetta Martin

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Physical Theatre

Background photo by t.shigesa What Does Physical Theatre Draw On? What is it? A presentation on contemporary Physical Theatre The Antithesis of Shakespeare... Let's Get Physical How do I know if it's Physical? Where Can I find it? What is it? Audiovisual storytelling rooted mostly in body movement. Commedia de’ll Arte
Silent Film
Dance (all kinds)
Martial Arts
Tribal storytelling
Street Art Physical Theatre Companies Europe Asia North America INCLUDING MILWAUKEE! The remedy to talking heads... Your Questions,
Answered! What's new about that? The Greeks, the Italians, the Globe thespians, and Broadway players are each physical. The particular style of theatre, what we’re calling “physical theatre” is better defined by what it could be. NOT Realism Usually abstract with postmodern roots, drawing often on expressionism and the distancing effect. Words are secondary in telling the story – making it more accessible to those on other sides of language barriers by instead using the language of movement. Reinvents stories we already know. By Annetta L. Martin
2013 Shakespeare + classic plot
Chekhov and other classics-reinvented
Stock Characters and Archetypes
Epic Theatre
Magic + Illusion
Chorus (and phys chorus)
Dance - Much choreographed
Makeup - character and Masks
Emphasis on fancy light
Sound - particularly live music
Minimalist set (or not)
Extensive Costumes or minimalist costumes
Live music
Small space with no/limited “backstage”
Vehicles for representation (props) like umbrellas, sticks, telephones, etc Where Can I Find Physical Theatre? Note: While physical theatre often incorporates song and dance, it is NOT the same as musical theatre. The main difference is that musical theatre is often "performance-y" while physical theatre song and dance is crafted in a style less fit to entertain - more of an expression. Could musicals be done in the style of physical theatre? Absolutely. Utilizing Roots Where it all began... In 1986 in London, England.... Lloyd Newson aka, the father of physical theatre, In 1986, Newson began dance/theatre company DV8, before physical theatre was named for academic study. The name was chosen as a result of the dissatisfaction felt by Newson, about what was happening in contemporary dance at the time; DV8 = "deviate" Sources who regard DV8 as a dance company say Newson's intent has been to have a different approach to most contemporary dance than other existing companies. Other sources say the company sought to break the barriers between dance and theatre and push beyond the values they reflect to enable discussion of wider and more complex issues. Born in Australia in 1957, Newson studied psychology and social work at Melbourne University. About the company The company does not have a permanent group of performers and does not keep its work in repertory. Each new work is cast according to its content, although some performers have worked on more than one production. DV8 produces the work of choreographer/director Lloyd Newson. He's in charge. Sadari Lloyd Newson The Death of a Samurai DV8 Gecko Gecko Sadari WORKS OF NOTE This film began from a production in 2000 called "The Cost of Living/Can We Afford This?"
"Living Costs": In May of 2003, DV8 produced a site-specific performance for Tate Modern, London, which contained some elements from "The Cost of Living/Can We Afford This?"
In July of 2003, "The Cost of Living" was restaged and toured with a different cast.
In 2008, "The Cost of Living" film was released, based on the stage production.
Features a character with out legs and DV8 is noted for featuring disabled dancers because of it. beginning until 2.46 More Photos To Be Straight With You Latest Project To Be Straight With You So glad you asked! Gecko Founded in 2001 out of Ipswitch, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Made up of wide cast of international performers not all unified by one language, made possible by the nature of physical theatre
Has toured to 20 countries with award-winning productions, notably, The Overcoat, and new, Missing.
Offers workshops for theatre artists and students to work with physicality, focus, ensemble work and improvisation.
Gecko describes these workshops as creating a journey in which they learn about themselves, their feelings, the expression of those feelings and their relationships to others - This marks the beginning to a project. “We engage the entire body, including the voice, as the vehicle to express emotion. In order to infect and provoke our audiences, we must be able to access emotions quickly, deeply and truthfully, and express them fully. We are athletes of the heart.” The Overcoat - Based on Gogol's short story "Missing":
Does the soul have weight? The Death of a Samurai The Death of A Samurai was a production based in Japan from people for that production only.
Draws from: Shakespearean plots (at least seven allusions)
stock characters
Magic and illusion
Extensive lighting
Extravagant costume and makeup
Live music
Minimalist set
Pop music
Video games
Japanese manga
War culture
Dance Epitomizes the conglomerate nature of physical theatre: the reinvention of familiar storylines, and its accessibility to common people JAPAN UNITED KINGDOM SADARI MOVEMENT LAB SOUTH KOREA Founded in 1998 to create a new poetic language onstage
They say they pursue the architectural
image of a movement
"Human dramas exist everywhere in the world. And the theatre arts could mean when we contemplate and study how to come up with a new method to stage them. To create a new meaning onstage, first of all, the old conventional space onstage should be realigned. The company builds symbolic figures onstage and stirs up them to poetic images so that the audience can find a meaning in their own imagination." “Theatre should stop following the same old function of TV and radio and be equipped with various means of sensuous description.” Woyzeck By Georg Büchner Located in Milwaukee on 1st and Pleasant St.
Founded in 2011 by Brian Rott
Went to UW Parkside for acting, directing, and arts management
Studied abroad at the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia, through The O'Neil Theater Artistic director Jessi Miller The Marvelous Unspeaking Troupes of Entertaining Scoundrels A new form of physical theatre that emulates the silent film.
Actors use no dialogue, rather occasional comment cards a la silent film.
Live or prerecorded music
Costumes, makeup, wigs, set, props all in greyscale.
Usually perform short vignettes in series or alongside other variety performers. That's all.
Thank you! MILWAUKEE
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