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Iliad Family Tree

A family tree detailing the characters in the Iliad

Luke Turner

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Iliad Family Tree

Iliad Family Tree Mortals Immortals Greeks Trojans (Achaians, Danaans, or Argives) Peleus Thetis Achilleus father of mother of Patroklos companions Agamemnon fights under Klytaimestra married to Menelaos Helen brothers sisters married to Father of Achilleus,
husband of
the goddess Thetis. A sea-goddess,
mother of Achilleus,
and wife of the
mortal Thetis. Son of Menoitios and companion
and henchman to Achilleus. He is
killed by Hektor while wearing
Achilleus armor. Son of Peleus, a mortal King, and the sea-goddess Thetis. The best warrior among the Greeks. Is immortal except for his "achilleus" heel. He kills Hektor in a battle. Dislikes Agaemenon for taking his war prize. Other names: Peleides, Peleion, and Aiakides. King of Mycenae and husband of Klytaimestra. The brother of Menelaos. The leader of the Greek forces. A arrogant and selfish man. Strong leader but sometimes leades recklessly. Other name: Atreides Wife of Agamemnon and sister of Helen She is the reason the war is being fought. She is the wife of Menelaos until she runs away to Troy with Paris. The Greeks come after her and thus war is fought. King of Sparta and the surrounding area (Lakediamon). The son of Atreus and brother of Agamemnon. The husband of Helen until she is taken away. More quiet than Agamemnon and is not among the mightiest of Greek warriors. (Dardanians and Phrygians) Priam Hekabe Hektor Paris runs off with Andromache married son son Astyanax son son brothers King of Troy. Husband of Hekabe and father of
Hextor and Paris. He is killed when the Trojans takeover the city. Though too old to fight he has earned the respect of both the Greeks and Trojans through his wisdom. Queen of Troy and wife of Priam. Son of Priam and Queen Hekabe. His abduction of Helen sparks the war. He is self centered and often unmanly and is not a strong sword fighter. Other name: Alexandros Son of Priam and Queen Hekabe. Leader of the Trojans and their greatest fighter. He is killed in battle by Achilleus. He finally manned up to Achilleus after running from him for so long. He loves his wife and son but resents his brother for bringing war upon the city. Hektors loving wife. Begs Hektor to withdraw from the war. Only son of Hektor. When the Trojans take the city he is thrown over the wall thus ending Hektors line of ancestry. Zeus Hera The most powerful of the Gods, known as the "father of men and gods" Sister and wife of Zeus who favors the Greeks Aphrodite Apollo Ares Athene Hades Hermes Goddess of love, beauty; protects Helen and Paris and favors the Trojans. Other name: Lady of Kypros. Archer God, and God of light, and of healing. He visits pestilence on men. Favors and protects the Trojans. Other names: Lykios, Pheobus, and Smintheus. God of war, favors the Trojans Daughter of Zeus only. Emerged out of her fathers head fully armed and associated with victory in war and clever thinking. Protects the Greeks. Other names: Pallas and Tritogeneia Ruler of the Underworld. Other name: Aidoneus Messenger God. Other name: Aidoneus Achilleus Shield Map of the times
Helen of Troy
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