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Arthur Miller

No description

Mary Margaret Strange

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Arthur Miller

The Biography of Arthur Miller

1. Give some details about Miller's early life and family.

2. What were his major achievements and awards?

3. Describe Miller's appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee.
4. Describe the effects of the investigation on Miller's writing of The Crucible.

He wrote the crucible as a parallel to what was happening to him. He was being accused of being communist and was pleading for tolerance from Congress and the rest of the country

5. How did Miller's social conscience affect his work?

Miller’s social conscience led to his voiced opinions which affected how much his work was publicized. His play “The Man Who Had All the Luck” was performed only 4 times before it was closed down and stopped running.
By Addie Eysink, Madeleine Contini, & Victoria Jones
6. What common theme or themes appear in his works?

He often wrote about social and moral responsibility; he normally incorporates aspects of his own life into his works

a. Born into a upper middle class family
b. Lost all their money in the great depression
c. Couldn’t afford college
i. Had to work himself to pay
d. Went to university of Michigan
e. Got high praise in college for his plays

a. Wrote death of a salesmen – got the Pulitzer Prize
b. Many awards and great reviews for the crucible

a. Brought to court
b. Admitted to attending a few communist meetings but did not return
c. It ruined him
d. Because of this, he wrote the crucible

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