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JCHS Student Affairs

No description

Elizabeth Costa

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of JCHS Student Affairs

Jefferson College of Health Sciences Student Affairs Student Activities
Student Conduct
Residence Life
Personal Counseling
VOICE Program
Health Records
Academic Support Services
Writing Assistance
Disability Coordination
Fitness Center
ID Badges/ Parking Permits Student Affairs is… Elizabeth Costa, M.S.
Coordinator for Student Affairs Student Life @ JCHS Student Activities
Judicial Affairs
Student Senate
Department Budget
Academic Seminar (GEN 100) Primary Responsibilities New Student Orientation
Spirit Day
The Red Flag Campaign
Take Back the Night
Taste of Jefferson
Multicultural Day
Christmas Parade
Clubs & Organizations
And MUCH MORE! Student Activities COW Day Convocation Benefitting: Spirit Day Campus Event Attendance
August 2012- January 2013 Softball (2 teams)
Soccer (Roanoke Valley Adult Soccer League)
Indoor Soccer
Tri-Run Club
Fitness Center Athletics Softball Tri-Run Club Accessible 24/7 via prox card Fitness Center Open 24/7
Student Activities
TV / DVD Movies
Ping Pong
Prox access The Doghouse Student Nurses Association (SNA)
Students of Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
Students Physical Therapist Assistant Assembly
CPT Sean Grimes PA (Physician Assistant) Student Society
Students of Respiratory Therapy Association (SRTA)
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Health Psychology Club
Clinical Lab Sciences Club
Residence Hall Association (RHA)
TRI (Triathlon) Club
JCHS Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru)
Student Senate Clubs and Organizations Governing body for all student clubs Student Senate JCHS Honor Code
“I will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.” Student Conduct Judicial Tracking
2012-2013 Presented to approximately 35 faculty on student conduct policies and procedures during Faculty Education Day 21 faculty, staff, and students attended a judicial board training Total Academic Misconduct Issues: 17
Total Behavioral Misconduct Issues: 2 Judicial Tracking Comparison of Judicial Sanctions
2002-2012 SAIF Team (Threat Assessment)
VOICE Task Force
JCHS 5K Commitee
Website Transition Committee
Caring & Sharing Committee
Veteran’s Task Force
College Safety Committee Committee Work Jennifer A. Martin, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Residence Life Residence Life @ JCHS Accommodations

Our residence hall is located in The Patrick Henry
Students reside on floors 3-6
56 apartments; upscale in nature with hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and washer/dryer in each unit
Studio/smaller one-bedroom apartments hold 2 students
Larger one-bedroom apartments hold 3 students
Two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments hold 5 students
Students have access to a workout facility in the basement
Cost is $2,700 per semester; this includes rent, all utilities, cable and Internet
Began the 2012-2013 academic year with approximately 113 paying students Neal
Conyers Jasmine
Wallace Neisa
Hubbard Student Staff

Student staff members, known as Resident Advisors (RAs), are critical to the success of the residence hall community.
Responsible for getting to know students living in the residence hall; creating and organizing weekly and monthly programming; handling emergency situations that arise; and completing routine administrative tasks.
A total of 6 RAs were hired for the 2012-2013 academic year. Bryan
Haring Tim
Carter Lindsay McIntosh Document that is intended to outline the actions that will be taken to insure a successful year in the residence hall; written during the summer of 2012
Based upon many different factors, including:
Satisfaction survey results from the 2011-2012 academic year
The missions of Jefferson College of Health Sciences and Student Affairs, as well as Community Standards & Values
Student Development Theory and other research in Student Affairs
Previous experiences at other Institutions
Three main Outcomes:
The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that is welcoming and promotes student interaction.
The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that supports and promotes academic success.
Students will be satisfied with their residential experience in the residence hall at The Patrick Henry. Community Development Plan Objective:
Each Resident Advisor will know all (100%) of the names of their residents by Reading Day, which is October 2nd.
Floor plan game on Thursday, November 8th
Some issues, but overall the RAs did know resident names and which apartment they belonged in.

Each Resident Advisor will keep his/her apartment door open from 8pm until their last round of the evening, and encourage residents to do the same; during rounds, each Resident Advisor will make conversation with any residents encountered.
Interactions with residents are recorded on the duty log; this helps me to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the building and with our residents Outcome #1: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that is welcoming and promotes student interaction. Objective:
Each Resident Advisor will be responsible for implementing and participating in one informal weekly tradition with residents. The weekly tradition will occur every week that school is in session and the residence hall is open.
Monday Night: Jasmine hosted a game night in her apartment; during warmer months she coordinated basketball games. On average, anywhere from 5-10 residents attended.
Monday Night: Neal hosted video game night in his apartment. On average, 2-3 residents attended.
Tuesday Night: Tim hosted an informal study session for Anatomy & Physiology. On average, 5 residents attended.
Wednesday Night: Lindsay escorted residents to the downtown market area to enjoy frozen yogurt or coffee. On average, 3-5 residents attended.
Thursday Night: Neisa hosted a movie night. Dependent upon the popularity of the movie, anywhere from 2-15 residents attended.
Friday Night: Bryan offered group exercise sessions. On average, 3-5 residents attended. Outcome #1: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that is welcoming and promotes student interaction. Objective:
Resident Advisors will work together to provide at least one large-scale, pre-planned program each month. Areas of focus for programs are as follows: Social, Educational, Violence Against Women (VAW), Safety & Security, and Diversity.
Social: Opening Fiesta (60+); Top Chef (30+); Halloween Party (50+)
Educational: Postponed
VAW: Red Flag Campaign (School-Wide)
Safety & Security: Self-Defense Class (15+)
Diversity: International Thanksgiving (15+) Outcome #1: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that is welcoming and promotes student interaction. Objective:
Resident Advisors will work together to organize and then participate in one service initiative with residents each semester.
Charged an admission fee of one canned good to enter the Halloween party. This was in conjunction with an AMSA initiative.
Collected gently worn clothes in order to benefit victims of Super Storm Sandy. This was in conjunction with Miss Martinsville & Henry County.
During the month of September, each Resident Advisor will meet with each of his/her residents individually in order to complete a structured “check-up” to see how residents are transitioning into life in the residence hall and at Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Pushed back to October
Example questions included things such as “Are you getting along with your roommates?” and “What sorts of activities would you like to see in the Patrick Henry?”
Responses used to pinpoint potential issues and tailor the students’ experience Outcome #1: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that is welcoming and promotes student interaction. Objective:
Each Resident Advisor will take ownership over one of the following: monthly newsletter, residence hall Facebook/twitter page(s), event photographer, coordinator of staff bonding activities, coordinator of duty scheduling/administration, Residence Hall Association liaison.
Lindsay: Newsletter created and distributed for September, October, November and December. Each issue included student birthdays, upcoming events, student spotlight, and interesting facts.
Jasmine: Facebook page updated many times weekly with upcoming events, pertinent information, student recognition and polls.
Neisa: Event photographer; has played a key role in making sure that events are documented. Examples include the fiesta, the Halloween party, and softball.
Tim: Staff bonding occurs at least once per month. Activities have included dinner at the Homeplace, playing with puppies at Petland, Thunder Valley, and potluck dinners.
Neal: Duty scheduling and administration is very important. Neal generates the duty calendar based on schedules, and also helps me with any administrative tasks I need assistance with.
Residence Hall Association Liaison: Bryan has done an outstanding job of helping to transform our RHA into an active, excited group. More to come. Outcome #1: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that is welcoming and promotes student interaction. Consists of elected members: President (Brittney Crews), Vice-President (Amber Brown) and Secretary (Marie Wolfe).
Opportunity for residents to voice their opinions regarding initiatives they would like to see in the residence hall
Very active fall semester, with the following programs:
Halloween Movie Night: Ghostbusters
Pumpkin Carving Contest
Halloween Door Decorating Contest
Visit to Haunted Woods
Gingerbread Decorating Contest
Two general body meetings
Halloween Costume Contest Residence Hall Association (RHA) Objective
Each Resident Advisor will be diligent with enforcing the Quiet Hours policy and reporting violations within 24-hours so that an atmosphere conducive to studying will prevail.
Minimal noise complaints received during the fall semester.

At the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters, Resident Advisors will collect the course information for each resident and create a “study buddy” board on each floor that allows residents to observe who amongst them are enrolled in the same courses and then make connections for studying accordingly.
Created based upon classes that residential students were involved in; board was hardly utilized
Have talked with RAs about changes to the system that would make it more anonymous and less “embarrassing” to utilize. Outcome #2: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that supports and promotes academic success. Objective
Each Resident Advisor will invite at least one faculty member to one program each semester. The faculty member may present on a topic, or merely be present in a social capacity.
Self Defense: Mark Cromer, EMS Program
Halloween Door Decorating Contest: Dr. Glenn Kent, Health Psychology
Top Chef: Scott Hill, Dean for Student Affairs; Dr. Ally Bowersock, Health JC Cook, EMS Program
Halloween Costume Contest: Stephanie Coles, Bookstore Manager; Tracy Hudgins, Nursing Program Outcome #2: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that supports and promotes academic success. Objective
During the month of October, each Resident Advisor will meet with each of his/her residents in order to complete a structured “check-up” to see how residents are handling the academic expectations placed upon them as students of Jefferson College of Health Sciences.
Pushed back to November
Example questions included “Are you going to class regularly?”, “Do you have academic goals?”, and “Are you aware of tutoring services on campus?”
Helped to identify students who were struggling academically; RAs shared resources and made referrals as necessary.
One final check-in to occur in the spring. Outcome #2: The residence hall at The Patrick Henry will be an environment that supports and promotes academic success. 3 = Strongly Agree

1= Disagree Outcome #3: Students will be satisfied with their residential experience in the residence hall at The Patrick Henry.

During the first mandatory meeting of the semester, residents will be given a questionnaire that will gauge what their expectations for their residential experience are, as well as what specific types of programming they are interested in. Follow-up questionnaires will be distributed in December of 2012 and April of 2013. Expectations and programming desires will be met for at least 50% of residents. Objective
During the week of September 3rd, each Resident Advisor will meet with roommates and/or suitemates in order to complete a roommate/suitemate contract. Reported roommate/suitemate disagreements will be reduced by 25% from the 2011-2012 academic year.
One roommate disagreement requiring mediation; no further issues.
One roommate disagreement requiring separation.

At least 50% of resident students will choose to return to the residence hall for the 2013-2014 academic year; of those resident students who intend to return, at least 80% will indicate that work of the Residence Life staff was a positive factor in their decision to return.
Pending Outcome #3: Students will be satisfied with their residential experience in the residence hall at The Patrick Henry. 5=Strongly Agree

1= Strongly Disagree Objective
After each formal, large-scale program that Resident Advisors implement, a satisfaction questionnaire will be distributed. At least 50% of residents will indicate that they enjoyed and/or learned something from the program, dependent upon the type of program. Outcome #3: Students will be satisfied with their residential experience in the residence hall at The Patrick Henry. Created by Coordinator of Residence Life
Purpose is to keep parents “in the loop” regarding what is happening in the residence hall
Mailed to the permanent address of students who are under 22 years of age
Two editions out so far; One sent in October, the other in December Family Newsletters Crucial to have a well-trained, self-aware staff.
Each member of the team has taken the Strengths Quest assessment to learn their “Top 5” Strengths and how those affect their job performance
Opening retreat at Wilderness Adventure consisted of nothing but teambuilding exercises
Fall training featured guest presenters from Student Affairs
Attended an RA Conference at Virginia Tech in November
Ongoing training provided on conflict mediation and alcohol during the fall semester
Winter training featured reflection on the fall semester, and more input from Student Affairs professionals
Would like to attend one “drive-in” style RA conference during the spring if possible. Staff Development Live in the residence hall and serve on-call 24/7 for situations that RAs need assistance with.
Work with Mark Lambert in order to advertise housing opportunities on the website
Create promotional materials, such as e-mails and flyers
Coordinate RA selection
Maintain a relationship with the building manager for the Patrick Henry
Problem-solve unforeseen situations
Assist students and parents as concerns arise
Oversee the day-to-day administrative tasks that are associated with the running of a residence hall
Track incoming housing contracts and make room assignments according to student preferences
Much more!  Other Responsibilities Modifications to the weekly traditions
Bowling at AMF (RHA)
Thunder Valley (RHA)
Ice Skating (RHA)
Not-So-Super-Bowl Party ;)
Valentine’s Dance (RHA)
Sexual Health/Awareness
Top Chef Part II
Open Door Contest
Fire Safety
And more!  Upcoming Programs for the Spring Lady Blue Healers
VOICE Task Force
GEN 100
Threat Assessment Team
College Safety Committee Committee Work Debbie Stinnett Department Secretary OFFICE MANAGEMENT Making sure daily office operations
are fulfilled: Answering phones/email messages, directing
students/parents to appropriate offices, providing information
about college services, issuing ID badges/parking permits, etc.

WORK-STUDY SUPERVISOR Supervise team of 8 work-
study students responsible for helping students/parents with
questions, daily office assignments, maintaining cleanliness of
Fitness Center, Doghouse, office. Also work with recycling
program and much more.

HEALTH RECORDS Input student health records. Provide the necessary information and documents students need to start clinicals and register for classes.

PASS & COUNSELING REFERRALS & SCHEDULING Schedule appointments, raise flags, and contact students by letter about services.

CAREER FAIR Lead coordinator. Money raised goes to S. Lynn Marshall Fund Scholarship Fund. Planning includes communicating with vendors, menu planning and caterer booking, maintaining registration forms, collecting money. Goal to increase number of vendors each year.

EVENT PLANNING & SCHEDULING Room requests, catering, set-up, take-down, etc. DAILY LIFE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS
DEPARTMENT SECRETARY RESIDENCE LIFE Explaining to incoming students the benefits of living on campus. Working with students and families to meet with Coordinator of Residence Life. 

PASS Encouraging students to participate in the PASS program. The program benefits students by giving them the opportunity to increase their academic skills and to deal with various issues.

COUNSELING Informing students that counseling is free and can provide strategies for addressing challenges in their daily lives (home, work, kids, etc), which in turn helps them focus on academics.

TUTORING & WRITING HELP Connecting students to services for help with their courses. Tutors assist students in every program. Writing Assistance teaching strategies and provides confidence to draft assignments.

FITNESS CENTER Promoting the use of this free service
to all students and Carilion employees with prox card

JCHS EVENTS Encouraging students to participate in
events including COW Day, Career Fair, Spirit Day, etc.
These events give students the opportunity to mingle
with faculty, staff, and other students, and they are
welcome breaks from studying. MARKETING FOR ALL AREAS
OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Jennifer Slusher, Ph.D., LPC
Director of Counseling & Wellness Counseling & Wellness Provide counseling/crisis services to:
JCHS students
VTCSOM students
Radford University Doctorate of Physical Therapy program Primary Role Anxiety (some test-related)
Adjustment issues & homesickness
Relationship Issues
Grief/Loss Issues

**We refer out to other providers for medication management, psychological testing, and assessment for hospitalization. Some common issues… Number of JCHS Students Served Number of VTCSOM Students Served Provide Wellness programming/opportunities for JCHS faculty/staff/students
Fitness Center
Speaker Series
Periodically, we host a speaker and provide a catered lunch for faculty, staff, and students. We also participate in the Women’s Health University Speakers Series and purchase 15 tickets to their quarterly event.
Free Group exercise classes
Zumba currently, Yoga, Pilates, etc. Other Job Responsibilities Supervise VOICE program
Sarah Higginbotham, Coordinator
Supervise Health Records
Judy Caffee, Clerk
Continuously work on updating/streamlining policy and procedures; currently updating the clinical policy for distance learning students
Supervise Master’s Level Intern
Jillian McCay, Virginia Tech Job Responsibilities (con’t)
Teach GEN 100 (Academic Seminar)

VTCSOM Interprofessional Leadership Team
Group facilitator Job Responsibilities (con’t) Carilion’s Adolescent Health Clinic
VOICE Taskforce
RASCL (Research & Scholarship Leadership Council)
Manager’s Forum
ROACA (Roanoke Area Counselor’s Assoc.)
College Safety Committee Connections & Committees Sarah Higginbotham, M.S.W.
Program Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator To Train and Educate Current and Future Healthcare Providers on Appropriate Ways to Recognize and Respond to Intimate Partner Violence.
To Provide Compassionate, Caring, Knowledgeable, Ethical, and Competent Services and Resources to Current and Past Victims/Survivors of Dating/Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking. The Goals of VOICE Coordinate and host awareness events about domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking on and around campus.
Provide advocacy and counseling services for victim/survivors.
Educate and train allied professionals, including healthcare professionals, law enforcement, resident advisors, and judicial board members.
Coordinate the VOICE Task Force to improve coordinated community responses to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).
Provide representation on local advisory councils.
Educate all incoming students.
Research topics related to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).
Promote and educate on the bystander intervention.
Revise policies as needed.
Present upon request to classes, local agencies, schools, etc.
Upgrade capital improvements.
Write bi-annual progress reports and any other required documentation for the Office of Violence Against Women. What We Do Take Back the Night (TBTN) Awareness Programs The Red Flag Campaign is a public awareness campaign designed to address dating violence and promote the prevention of dating violence on college campuses. The campaign was created using a “bystander intervention” strategy, encouraging friends and other campus community members to “say something” when they see warning signs ("red flags") for dating violence in a friend’s relationship. The campaign posters reflect racially and ethnically diverse models, and illustrate both heterosexual and same-sex relationships.  www.theredflagcampaign.org Red Flag Campaign JCHS 5K Riverside Run & Wellness Walk Collaborating with George Washington University and doctoral candidate, Amanda Borsky, to assess our bystander intervention efforts.

Working with Sharon Parker, Carilion Perinatal Outreach Educator and Health Psychology senior, Neisa Hubbard to research the following:
“Does the nurses’ experience with intimate partner violence influence his/her judgment and provision of care in a perinatal setting?” Research VOICE VOICE
Hours (20 hours/Week) Advocacy – Total – Aug12 – Jan13 Meetings, Grant Writing, & Professional Development Collaboration & Networking Al Overstreet, M. Ed.
Director, Jefferson Academic
Support Services Testing and proctoring Writing assistance Disability services Tutoring and writing assistance Academic advising Gayle Clary, B.A.
Coordinator, Educational Testing Center Elliott Freeman, M.F.A.
Writing Specialist Emily Moore, M.A.
Proctored testing for JCHS faculty
Provides external testing for JCHS students (e.g., ATI)
Professional examinations for Carilion (e.g., Oral Interpreter Exams)
Proctoring for distance-learners
Computer and software access Educational Testing Center Educational Testing Center
Coordinator Serves as primary proctor
Maintains integrity of testing environment
Manages relationships with other testing centers
Oversees daily operations
Serves as liaison to Technology Services Group
Supports testing for distance learners, alumni, and Carilion The Educational Testing Center Coordinator facilitated 1,451 tests for the fall 2012 term, an increase of 18.7% from fall 2011. Tutoring
Writing assistance
Supplemental learning resources online & in lab
Class presentations
Faculty support
Student computer lab Learning & Writing Center Tutors & Lab Assistants
Staff of 18 trained students and 2 alumni Writing Specialist
Provides one-on-one writing assistance to students
Presents on writing-related issues
Supports faculty through consultations, referrals, writing assistance
Teaches Academic Seminar or English courses LWC Coordinator
Coordinates tutoring, writing assistance
Coordinates disability support services
Provides all graduate-level writing assistance
Manages daily operations
Works with faculty to provide academic support
Teaches Academic Seminar LWC Staff Starfish Implemented LWC Direct Services LWC Staff Appointments *Currently LWC Coordinator serves as
SSD/504 Coordinator

Promote, coordinate, implement, and evaluate policies and services for students with disabilities
ensure equal access to facilities, services, programs
assist college in compliance with state, federal laws and guidelines
provide on-going service, case management
provide faculty/staff with development/training, consultations, technical assistance, appropriate interventions Services for Students with Disabilities Coordinates PASS program
Administration of Starfish System
Meets with students one-on-one
Coordinates Advising Program
Develops and maintains training materials and resources
Provides training and consultation to advisors
Provides supervision to the ETC and LWC staff
Teaches Academic Seminar Director, Jefferson Academic Support Services The PASS Program is designed to help students who may need assistance in meeting college requirements or academic goals due to academic or behavioral difficulties. Resources for PASS students include, but are not limited to, study skills, academic counseling, personal counseling, regular meetings with advisors, and tutoring. Pathways to Academic Student Success 554 PASS referrals
117 appointments made by 75 students
63 students seen for PASS
Out of 12 who made appointments but were not seen for PASS, 8 were seen in LWC
91 PASS Shows – 77.7% show rate PASS Statistics Starfish is designed to increase college retention through better communication among students, faculty, and staff. It is an early warning and student tracking system as well as communication and scheduling system. STARFISH Early Alert System
PASS, Tutoring,
Counseling, Writing Help
Scheduling System
Advising, PASS, Counseling, Tutoring, Writing help, Testing, Orientation
Communication System
Emails, Plans, Flags, Referrals, KUDOS
172 KUDOS raised in Fall 2012, up from 81 in Spring UTILIZATION OF STARFISH 2011 - 2012
Starfish improved efficiency for scheduling tutoring, testing, counseling, advising
403 (42.42%) students were served by academic support, not including testing, workshops, GEN 100, etc.
125 (13.16%) students were on D,F,U list (vs. 145 [15.12%] in SP11); 85% of students seen for academic support were NOT on this list
Fall 2012
322 students seen by JASS (or 37.5% of FTE)
29 students were seen by both LWC and PASS JASS Impact Learning Commons Advisory Board
Veterans Affairs Committee
BIO 211 Working Group
Academic Skills Workshop Series
Alumni Association Board of Directors
Institutional Student Learning Outcomes Committee (ISLOC)
Caring and Sharing Committee
The Paw Print Newsletter
TSG Liaison
Teach Academic Seminar and English courses Cultural Awareness Service Excellence Committee (CASE)
Academic Policies Committee
Nursing Department Admissions and Retention Committee
Faculty Senate
Undergraduate Council
Research and Scholarship Leadership Council (RASCL)
Power Campus Committee
English Language Learners Taskforce
Manager’s Forum
Assist VTCSM with academic support development JASS Campus Service & Connections Increase student satisfaction and retention
Develop and revise resources for test preparation, capstone assistance, and other common assignments
Improve online support (Starfish, Student Central)
Refine scheduling to maximize efficiency and availability

Augment collaboration with faculty
Expand opportunities for classroom outreach and faculty development

Enhance support for at-risk students
Develop new resources for English Language Learners
Improve support for students with disabilities Continuing Goals TESTING
*Requires ~20 hrs/wk for proctoring time

*Also requires time for coordinating with instructor, providing accommodations (e.g., test reader, paper copies of computer tests)

*Up to 8 students with accommodations testing simultaneously Example of Increase in Demand on
LWC/SSD Coordinator Q & A
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