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April 2011 Expectation Workshop

No description

Brett Gruetzmacher

on 30 August 2011

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Transcript of April 2011 Expectation Workshop

Expectation Workshop
The Final Stretch!
Tecumseh Junior High School
April 4-5, 2011 Be Safe Maintain Personal Space Too much running!
Very unsafe!
People can get hurt....... Why are we running? Tardies...
Biggest time is 6th and 7th Periods

Tardies-353 For the 7th Grade
Tardies-254 For the 8th Grade

These does not include the tardies
that the Broncho Pass Covers. Manage your time. Be Responsible 1. Are you dressed appropriately for school?
How many violations does Tony have? 2. Are you on time and prepared for each class? 3. Are you helping others? Be Respectful Be Positive We HAVE to
take care of each other. Be Safe-Be Responsible
Be Respectful-Be Positive If you are being bullied
@ school or on-line,
please tell an adult. BYSTANDERS! Don't give the bully an audience! A picture is worth a 1000 words. 1405 Positive Referrals It is NOT SNITCHING!!! Bystanders! Report to it to an adult. It is NOT Snitching!
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