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Pecos Bill, The Cyclone

No description

Kyndall Blake

on 25 April 2018

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Transcript of Pecos Bill, The Cyclone

Tall Tale and Myth
Pecos Bill The Cyclone
Tall Tale
Tall tale: a type of folk tale that contains some or all of the following features
Which description in the first
paragraph contains hyperbole?
What are some qualities that would have been valued by cowboys or frontiersmen?
Tall tales explain natural phenomena
1. a larger-than-life central hero
2. far-fetched situations and amazing feats
3. humor
4. hyperbole, or exaggeration
*Uniquely, American
Harold W. Felton
How does Bill display physical strength and lack of fear?
Which details in this paragraph are examples of humorous exaggerations?
Myth: an anonymous story that explains the actions of gods or human heroes, the reasons for certain traditions, or the causes of natural features
1. They have at least one divine parent
2. They gain special knowledge or weapons
3. They face seemingly impossible tasks
Mythic Hero
Why did the Cyclone want to ruin the holiday?
Which details give this tall tale a particularly American flavor?
Why do you think the writer decided to set the tale on the Fourth of July?
What is unique about this cyclone?
*Tall Tales explain natural phenomena
What are some of the natural landscapes that resulted from Bill's ride?
What is Bill's monument, and why is "monument" an ironic term?
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