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Mind Map

No description

Ryan Arce

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Mind Map

Changes in location can create unavoidable difficulties that push people toward adaptation. Realization Adaptation Struggle "she recalled those early years of adjusting to being a drop in the sea ... or worse, an outsider, an alien. There were more occasions than she cared to remember, where she had to admit that she really hated being the proverbial drop in the sea.” (107/108) Immigration Journey Ancestors -
The Genetic Source David Suzuki Choices By Salwa Mohamed Said An Immigrant Child Remembers by Lucy Fazio An immigrant mother faces
the consequences of her decisions. A man comes to realization the
lost connection between his culture and heritage. Immigration "Now that she had a job, she
would not have to go back
on those words. They can now
build a life here. And so they
did." (108) Learns to change "By choosing to challenge, change and fight, she created the very Furies that would forever haunt her existence." "Whatever their disguise, they always achieved their aim—to keep her running."(109, 109) Change invites inevitable challenges These problems push Nadia to change Adaptation Isolation Struggle Realization My family represents a contributing statistic to the Canadian post-war expansion and immigration boom that was recorded in Canada between 1946 and 1961. (137) I remember two things most vividly:
first, severe bouts of nausea both on the boat and the train; and second, my first encounter with "English" bread (137) "Nadia was all excitement and hope for the future. She looked forward to the challenges of a new life." (107) "I'd love to go where I can be a drop in the sea ... that would be the ultimate freedom." (107) English is my language,
Shakespeare is my literature,
British history is what I learned and
Beethoven is my music. (282) The result of this submersion into a new country,
culture and language was confusion, feelings of alienation, and worst of all—fear. (137) All my life I had wanted large eyes and
brown hair so I could be like everyone else.
Yet on that train, where I did fit in,
I didn't like it. (282) The other children participated in the lesson as the two of us sat obediently and dumbfoundedly in total silence for that morning and many more mornings to come. (137) Difficult to adjust I look like them and can say in perfect Japanese,
"I'm a foreigner and I can't speak Japanese." (283) Finding a job Has a "fighting spirit" Most Sansei, like me, do not speak Japanese. To us, the Issei are mysteries. They came from a cultural tradition that is a hundred years old. (284) A girl and her family face challenges in adapting to a different country, culture, and language as new immigrants. The supposition in those days was that I and all immigrant children could and would learn by
exposure to native speakers and through osmosis. (138) That I can write this article today is testimony
to the fact that eventually I did learn to speak,
read, and write the English language. (138) Charlie Tiny Roy Honey, . Across The States in 30 Days. 2012. http://sf2ny.blogspot.ca/Web. 6 Mar 2013.

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Green, Nola. THE BEST WAY TO GET HIRED. 2011. http://comerecommended.comWeb. 6 Mar 2013.

Vallyncia, . Isolation. 2010. http://vallyncia.deviantart.comWeb. 6 Mar 2013. Sources in MLA Style “burn their boats so they wouldn’t be tempted to sail right back when the going got tough.” (108) All three stories progress in a way that eventually shows that decisions and changes are ineludible, and often right around the next bend in life. By Ryan Arce, Conrad Chow and
Richard Groenewald
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