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Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Presentation

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Marlene Mendoza

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Presentation

Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Presentation
Table of Contents:

Good nutrition and physical activity are a very important factor in our children's lives. Many contributions have lead children to fall prey to unhealthy eating habits which cause them to become ill at a very early age. In this section I will promote some nutritional strategies, resources, and family activities to engage with your children to prevent poor nutrition.
Kids are going to fall, slip, and tumble every now and then. It is our responsibility to avoid the more serious injuries. In order to make it easier for you I am going to provide some strategies, resources, and family activities in which can help practice safety at home and school. Remember we need to encourage safety for children of all ages.
Teachers and caregivers must focus on proper techniques and skills in which will instill the importance of health, nutrition, and wellness in order to develop a healthy and safe environment for the children. The purpose of this presentation is great for getting teachers and families to explore the different areas to better understand the importance of each category presented here.
The health, nutrition, and wellness of children has evolved tremendously over the past few decades, making children malnourished or obese. I will be demonstrating some useful Information on strategies on how to support the health, nutrition, and wellness for children. There will also be resources available to utilize in your own planning and implementation. I will also include family activities that will help you engage with fostering children in overall health and wellness.
In this section I offer suggestions and resources in which will provide you with the most up-to-date facts about the importance of health in a early childhood classroom as well as activities.
In this presentation I will be explaining 3 main topics which are: Health, Nutrition, and Safety. I will be giving strategies to support each topic and will be sharing resources that teachers will be able to utilize. I will also be sharing newsletters, videos, and family activities to be practiced at home.
Some of the strategies we can start of with is to have a team(health committee) in which can talk to students about health during school this will help engage students and parents as well as the caregiver to promote healthy behaviors.
http://www.foodsafeschools.org/ offers helpful online early childhood health ideas
www.learntobehealthy.org also offers educational material which helps teachers impact students with fun learning activities.
There may be obstacles in which will arise but here are some helpful ways to avoid that. First of all always make sure the kids are engaging and learning. If not always communicate with parents to make sure kids are fine at home.
Fun hands on nutrition and fitness empowers children to live in a more fulfilling way. When kids are able to create their own foods in a healthier way gets them up and feeling good about themselves.
One way to get children to feel natural about nutrition is getting them more involved like integrating technology and other fun ways. In your classroom try to engage the children and have them enjoy learning about nutrition to have a great turnout!
actionforhealthykids.org is a great website filled with great cooking, fitness, and nutrition ideas.
meals4kids.org is another interesting site with healthy recipes in which help foster proper nutrition.
How we can deal with nutritional challenges is by creating an alternative in which children will keen interest and work together on a daily basis making it easier for teachers to handle.
is a great website for safety practice for teachers and students.
http://goliath.ecnexxt.com/coms2/gi_0199-5353618/Health-and-safety-in-the-.html is another useful cite with safety practices.
Teachers can create classroom rules and arrange room where children are less vulnerable to accidents. A safe learning environment is very important. Teachers should always make clear that she is in charge and they should listen.
Teachers must always have a plan for those children who seem to not grab the concept of safety in schools. One of the ways to help them is to encourage the student to practice safety if not he/she will not participate in activities ex: outdoor play etc.
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