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Get Liked or Get Lost!

Master Thesis Presentation

Irene Nijland

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Get Liked or Get Lost!

Get liked or get lost! How Facebook can strengthen customer-based brand equity of fashion brands. Problem Research Conclusion Why businesses should be using Facebook. Does Facebook has an influence on the customer-based brand equity of a brand?
Which Facebook elements on a brands fan page have an influence on customer-based brand equity? The problem: Little research has been done to the effects of Facebook on brand equity Companies are simply hoping that their fan page will positively impact their brand No strategy Gain exposure May strengthen the customer-based brand equity! Positive influence on:
the brand image
the brand awareness
the brand's associations Interact with customers in a direct and non -commercial way So what is customer-based brand equity? The consumers’ perception of the overall superiority of a product carrying that brand name when compared to other brands The value that consumers associate with a brand (Aaker 1991). More then 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook! (December, 2012) Benefits: Higher consumer preferences --> competitive advantages.
Higher purchase intentions (Cobb-Walgren, Ruble & Donthu, 1995)
Higher brand loyalty (Aaker, 1990)
Influence consumer perceptions of product quality (Dodds, Monroe & Grewal, 1991)
Brings the opportunity for successful extensions (Keller, 1990) FOCUS GROUP THEORY SURVEY Exploratory design Three objectives:
Better understanding --> of how the Facebook activity perceived
Investigate which elements they like and dislike.
How they think brands need to use Facebook Added Value. Quantity of the posts. Quality of the posts. Commercialization. No. 1 reason why friends dump friends on Facebook is when they get fed up seeing too many useless posts. Ducoffe (1996): attitudes toward a web advertisement are directly dependent to the added value of that advertisement. Repetitive exposure effect --> inverted U. H1: Facebook customer-based brand equity 234 participanten
randomly assigned
2 (Facebook vs no Facebook) x 3 (Brands: H&M vs ZARA vs Mango) Fan pages --> rate the four Facebook elements
Customer-based brand equity scale 4 elements (Aaker, 1991) Quality of information on a brand's website --> customer's perceptions of the brand (Haghirian & Madlberger, 2005). High commercialization on MySpace --> alienating of MySpace friends (Bowley, 2006). Added Value Quantity of the posts Quality of the posts Commercialization H5: Commercialization customer-based brand equity H4: Quantity customer-based brand equity H3: Quality customer-based brand equity H2: Added value customer-based brand equity + + + - - Web-based survey Results H1: Facebook customer-based brand equity + H5: Commercialization customer-based brand equity H4: Quantity customer-based brand equity H3: Quality customer-based brand equity H2: Added value customer-based brand equity + + - -
Positive influence on the brand equity.
Use of Facebook is very important! Mango ZARA H&M Added Value Entertainment Informativeness Irritation How to use Facebook as a marketing tool?
The page has to have an added value!
Keep your page interesting and fun to read.
Don't post too often or too little.
1-2 posts a day is the norm.
It's recommended to keep the quality high and commercialization low.

Tips from the focus group:
Have varying posts
Good visual content
Small amount of text. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool! Does it influence the brand equity?? Questions? Attitude
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