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Accidentally Famous

This book is about a girl calls Amy who gets popular and do all sort of middle school stuff. . .

Lauren Jeong

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Accidentally Famous

Accidentally Famous There was a normal girl calls Amy.
In her old school, her school wasn't
as cool as Allington Academy. She was not popular,
but she didnt' care, she
had her wonderful 2
friends called Michiko
and Kiwi. ONe day, her uncle
(not really uncle) Steve's
engaged wife, Linda suggest
Amy to be model because
one of the model cannot
do it anymore.
Amy decides to do it.
Her friend called Jenelle
helps her but Fiona was
jealous of her. But Amy success with
her fashion show
and get really famous.
But she was really good
at science her science
teacher, Mr.Pearl suggested
her to be in competetion of
Academic Challenge, so she
studies it with her friends, Michiko,
Scott, Preston and Arielle. Arielle can
go to challenge when Amy come out
from it so she always target amy
as an enemy. For the show, she gets success
but in challenge, her friends said
she cares too much about fashion
so they want arielle to be instead of
her. Michiko felt bad but she had to do it
and preson argued she shouldn't go out
and scott said she should go out. But scott
was amy's good friend she thought he would
agree on that. But Amy wanted show her spirit
to her friends how she cares about
academic challenge so she come to
the place with her older brother
Kirk and cheer for them. But arielle got
laryngitis so she couldn't come.
So, amy did instead of her. Their rival team
was Karter and they beat them up because
at the last question Amy got right! She saved
the team and she became hero of the school.
She is good at fashion stuff and also good at
science. They lived happily
ever after~ So the point is. .. . . Recommending. . . It is good for middle school girls.
It explains all the happens in middle school so you can use it as a guide.
Also boys could enjoy this book because it also mentions their behaviour.
After you read this book, you can understand middle school is tough for everyone at the first.

Some negative things It doesn't really have negative things but
I wished the book mentioned about problem
with organization or friends, problem that you can get easily
I highly recommend this book to middle school
students especially to girls. Amy is in middle school
and there's lots of happens to her. sometimes they
challenge and somtimes they do really exciting thing.
It explains our life in middle school. So reading this book,
they can understand how middle school works. =]
The end~~~~~~~~
Thank you for watching
my Prezi
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