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Optical Illusions 4th Grade- Day 1

Optical Illusion Prezi

Dan Enderle

on 18 March 2018

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Transcript of Optical Illusions 4th Grade- Day 1

Optical Illusions
What are they?
Images that
trick your eyes
cognitive illusions lead to false perceptions or ideas. Examples are
ambiguous pictures(Two pictures in one)
depth/motion/color perception
impossible objects
afterimages effect the eyes or brain by using
brightness, tilt, color or movement
MC Escher
Creates tessellations and illusions
Bridget Riley
Julian Beever
Sidewalk Chalk Artist
Op Artist
What is looks like if you look at it from the side!
Those are real people! Everything else is a chalk drawing!
Did you see the grey dots between the squares? That's your eyes playing tricks on you!
The project!!
Draw 9+ vertical lines using a pencil.
Vary the space and curves
Draw a wave across.
3. Use thin Sharpie.
Draw upward curves above the middle wave.
Draw downward curves below the middle wave.
Every next curve starts at a previous line.
Alter the distance between the curves
4. Complete the entire section.
5. Complete the entire design.
Day 2. Coloring
Color each section gradating color
from dark to light to dark
This is how you color!
shade lightly the entire shape
with a color of your choice
shade full strength -
leaving a small area in the middle
use white pencil to blend
the middle part
use black or a darker color
to blend the sides of the shape
Use an analogous color and
apply same gradation pattern.
Keep coloring!
Other Optical Illusions
MC Escher
You may not want to watch the next video
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