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Wildcat Swimmers

No description

Ramon Walton

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Wildcat Swimmers

UK WILDCATS SWIMMERS Is this one of the hardest sport ? All the hours !! All the sweat!!! Injuries!!! Belief and Value System Dedication Hardwork!!! Individual vs. Teamwork Where they Train ? Lancaster Aquatic Center Dryland You just Basically have to Love !!! Disadvantages ? Advantages ? Why become a Swimmer ?
Located on South Campus
Watch the Wildcats Swim!!! Diversity "Go Ham" which means go crazy A sport that takes a lot of teamwork and dedication. There are three different types of meet at the collegiate level 1. Dual Meets- Between two colleges 2. Conference Meets 3. Nationals 100 backstroke 100 butterfly 100 breaststroke 100 freestyle its because you don't know what you would do without it in life You best Believe it!!! sacrifices Everyone from different cultural backgrounds come together to share their different experiences which brings them all closer together. Most people think that swimming is a individual sport True word. But it also has a teamwork aspect to it Encouraging each other to be better! Demand the best from everybody all the points Doesnt matter if you come 1st 3rd or 5th Just as long as you did your best Different Strokes
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