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BTEC Level 3: Business: Unit 12 Internet Marketing

A resource for unit 12

Mark Grant

on 29 January 2017

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Transcript of BTEC Level 3: Business: Unit 12 Internet Marketing

BTEC Level 3 Year 2 Business Unit 12: Intro to Internet Marketing Prezi 1
How to meet the criteria: 2
How to meet the criteria: 3
Distinctions: Evaluate
To determine the value or amount or the significance or quality of…

Is viral marketing a better method than targeted marketing?
What factors do you need to consider?
Pros and cons?

Evaluating the effectiveness of Internet marketing in meeting customer needs for an organisation
Looking at retailer
The criteria

6 passes
2 merits
1 distinction

Will be delivered in 3 assignments
Passes, Merits and Distinctions combined
Online methods of communicating with customers
How do your organisations uses Internet marketing?
- What are the pros and cons of each?
- Provide lots of examples
- Screenshots will help too
Social networking sites
interactive sections
back links
viral adverts on YouTube
mobile applications
online sales
consumer-to-consumer dialogue
What are the benefits to customers of online marketing?
Feeling part of the brand

Being first with product or service

Getting special offers

Fun "gamification"

What you should be able to do.
You will need to be able to describe the role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context.

You should be able to describe how selected organisations use internet marketing

You should be able to analyse the benefits of internet marketing to customers

You should be able to evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing in meeting customer needs for a selected business

How to meet the criteria: 1

Passes: Describe, Illustrate and interpret.

What do these words mean?
Use adjectives to describe e.g. large organisation
Illustrate = to clarify using examples or comparisons
Interpret = to show/explain the meaning of something

Generally a minimum of 500 words per Pass

Structure is important
Full introduction: All to be discussed
Paragraphs: Point, Example and Explain
(examples should be recent, relevant and real world)
concluded: What discussed, interesting points
Harvard referenced: endnotes/footnotes
Other things to consider
Benefits to the business
Developing bigger customer databases
- From sign ups, likes etc

Increasing donations to charities
- Easy to do needs just a few clicks

Emailing last-minute promotions

Dynamic Pricing
- This is a very
scary area for customers
and great for businesses
Maximizing Brand Awareness through
multi channel marketing
Increasing online sales
can be done through
business to business
consumer to consumer
Evaluate the effectiveness of Internet marketing in meeting customer needs for a selected business.

- Is the business doing as well as it's competitors?
-What's your evidence?
- What do customer reviews say?
-How many facebook likes do they have?
-Twitter followers etc
-How does it handle complaints?
- How is it viewed in the press?
- Does it offer free delivery etc?
- Does it have an App? How good is it compared to competitors?
Customer needs =
A bargin
Feeling a part of brand/community
Feeling "special"
I'm looking at how Nike uses online marketing
You should be able to explain how traditional marketing methods,
like print and TV compare and can be used together or seperately.
how does the business
you've chosen use these for
last minute promotions?

Sign up for email notifications etc
How can a business
get its customers to
interact with it and
look at 4 businesses each in different sectors
and who have different purposes
These are: B2B, B2C, Charity/NGO and Non Transactional.

They could be any of the following:
web based retail
information provider
web/bricks and mortar retail
NGO/ Charity
How has the Internet
affected the marketing mix of
your organisation/s?
look at prices on and offline
-What are the differences?
- Why are there differences?

Which products does
and doesn't your business stock?
-Brands such as Apple won't let their
"premium" products be sold by
low status retailers
How do businesses promote
their products/ services?
-How can different types of
customer be reached?
What are the different
ways businesses market
their goods and services?
Increasing sales online
Nike sell directly to their customers
they used to sell just to businesses
JD etc
Internet has allowed them to change
Benefits to businesses
and consumers of online
Businesses get
-Cost effective marketing
(compare costs of traditional v online
Increased market share
-What is the business you're investigatings
share of the market?
-How much of this is from online activity?
Access to new markets
- Does your business have different language sites?
- Does it operate on and offline globally?
- How does it gather info
on customers ?(actual & potential)
What other benefits are there?
Search engine optimization
benefits: the business, consumer and the search engine.
See the video below to find out more
they were a small local business originally
Internet has allowed them to be global
- Strategic partnerships: Reebok, wood-wood etc
- Data collection: email, facebook etc
- Customer service: global availability and delivery
- Customer interaction: comments on facebook etc
- Exclusive content/ deals
There may well be negatives of a successful Internet marketing strategy
- Fewer newspapers, journalists etc due to declining
sales and advertising revenues.
- Less "quality" public service TV due to declining
advertising revenues.
- Businesses moving operations abroad to avoid tax
which impacts upon government services
- High streets losing out = less jobs and less small/ family businesses
- If competition was swallowed up by big operators would the
bargins/ free content stay that way?
Over 164,000 fb likes
over 41,000
twitter followers
Exclusive collaborations
Trackable targeted
What is the role of Internet marketing?
Penetration pricing
Destruction Pricing
Based on customer
requirements and?...
Discussion Points
Include how /what the business does here!
Price points
Product / market development
Mature v developing markets
Relationship marketing
How it does/n't react to/ cultivate for different
demographic and psychographic groups
In groups pick a business
with an online presence.

Merits: An additional 500 words per merit
Explain, assess and analyse

What do these terms mean?
Explain: How and why: Give examples
Assess: Look at the impact positive vs.
negative gain vs. loss etc
Give examples
Analyse: Both the above but deeper! Give examples

Generally a minimum of 1000 words per merit

Structure is important
Full introduction: All to be discussed
Paragraphs: Point, Example and Explain
(examples should be recent, relevant and real world)
concluded: What discussed, interesting points
Harvard referenced: endnotes/footnotes
How effective?
Customer retention
Other measurables
Inform, sell, compete, expand etc
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