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Source Legal Services

An introduction to Source's capabilities in the legal transformation and sourcing services

Andrew Burgess

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Source Legal Services

It's also the bit you enjoy doing This is what you do; your prime focus.
It's what you're paid for
and what the business expects from you Provide Legal Expertise But it's not that easy.
To run an effective and value-enhancing department, there are other skills and capabilities that need to be provided The building blocks of an effective and efficient department Build business capabilities Organisation
Structure Demand Management Performance Management Spend Management Define what you do, how you do it, and how you interface with everyone else Understand
your processes Best Practice Process
Mapping Standardise Process
Inventory Ensure that your legal risks are managed appropriately and effectively Manage your legal risks Risk Framework Risk Organisation Risk Processes Implement technologies and systems to make your work quicker, easier and better Exploit appropriate technologies Build a legal eco-system to handle all eventualities Source the best teams Matter Management Project Management Spend Management IP Management Law
Firm Panel Legal
Service Providers Lawyers
on Demand Paralegals Working closely with the business, demand management will predict the likely work volumes so that appropriate resources can be planned and allocated accordingly. The ability to measure, report and analyse all aspects of the departmental work load to identify bottle-necks and increase efficiency. Monitoring and controlling all internal and external spend to ensure that the most appropriate resources are being applied to the most appropriate tasks. Creating the optimal organisation structure to support and interface with the business. How do you find time to set up
and organise all this and... ? Source's deep experience in transformation and sourcing enables you to create and run a legal function fit for the 21st century technology sourcing transformation From incremental change to 'hearts and minds' transformation, Source's methodologies ensure that the core services are never compromised Our sourcing approach combines innovation and sensibility to create the ideal balanced eco-system for your department We help identify,
select and implement the technologies that will deliver step-change improvements in the
work that you do If you want to get to know us better, then please get in touch: +44 7770 211 121 andrew.burgess@source.co.uk www.source.co.uk @SourceLPO ajburgess A high-level inventory of all of the major processes carried out in your department, used to identify and prioritise candidate processes for mapping and enhancement. The detailed description and mapping of the prioritised processes, used to identify scope for enhancement and standardisation. Where appropriate, build standardised processes across functions and regions to generate consistency and efficiency Implement world-class legal processes to create business value and allow the exploitation of technology and third parties. Build the appropriate governance framework, including knowledge, communication and people, to create an appropriate culture of risk management within the organisation. Develop robust and clearly defined processes, specific to legal risk management, to evaluate risk on a continuous basis. Build close alignment between the legal and other risk management functions, and embed it in the business ensure alignment with commercial realities. Keep track of how and when instructions are taken, to whom they should be allocated and how those matters will be handled in accordance with internal protocols or processes. Build capabilities to ensure matters are prioritized correctly and routed to the right internal or external resource, and then expedited through its lifecycle, following up with a root-cause analysis of what can be done better. Control and manage the key intellectual assets of your business, linking contracts to IP to products. Ensure you can efficiently and effectively capture and protect all IP, and quickly determine your Freedom To Operate. Monitor and control all internal and external spend to ensure that the most appropriate resources are being applied to the most appropriate tasks. Optimize your panel capabilities and value through robust sourcing strategies, better understanding of the processes and interfaces, as well as better spend and vendor management. Source and build an appropriate paralegal organisation so that tasks can be ‘unpacked’ to enable certain parts of each process to be re-assigned to the most appropriate Paralegal resource, thus freeing up attorney time. Once mapped and standardised, some of the transactional processes in the department can be allocated to third party providers, either directly or through law firms. Where there are specific workload peaks, some work can be allocated to providers of ‘ad hoc’ lawyers. This can be done through law firms, service providers or specialist providers. @AndrewAtSource
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