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Black butler

Black Butler anime tv show

Renee Ellis

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Black butler

Black butler

Hey there I'm here to convince you that Black Butler is a awesome show and should be more recognized. Let's get started shall we!!
A little information
Black Butler is a Anime that is about a young boy named Ciel Phantomhive and his demon butler, Sebastian
Ciel phantomhive
Alois Trancy is the antagonist of the series but he isn't introduced until season 2 in the first episode. He also has a demon butler named Claude. Alois goal in his contract with Claude is to make sure that Sebastian never gets Ciel's soul. Alois is about 14 years old the same age as Ciel
Alois trancy
why should i watch this?
Great question. This is a show that follows the journey of Ciel who as you remember is our protagonist. His parents were murdered by an unknown source. He was abused by a cult and thats when he decided to summon Sebastian, a demon, who makes a Faustian contract. This is a contract that a human and demon make. The human has a wish or a desire of some kind and the demon makes this come true. Once the deed is done the demon is given a reward. This always the price of the humans soul being consumed by the demon.
Now I know this has been kinda serious but now you get to meet other charecters!!!!!!!!!!! Ready?!?!
Why do people make these contracts?
Well they do this because thios desire is worth their soul. In the show there are two main charecters who have made these contracts
Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian- Ciel did this to find who killed his parents and why. Along the way of this Sebastian is tasked with protecting the young master
Alois Trancy and Claude- Alois was lead into the contract over the deaath of his little brother who was killed by a demon. His broter had made a contract with a demon believed to be Sebastian. Therefore Alois wanted Sebastian to suffer and made the contract with Claude to make sure Sebastian never gets Ciel's soul
Trancy Esate
The staff of the phantomhive estate!
Mey-Rin- She is the maid in the Phantomhive estate. She was hired by Sebastian not because of her quality cleaning. Nope. Mey-Rin is extremely far-sighted and it helps her to be one of the best snipers. She refuses to use a scoop becasue of this.
Baldroy- He is the cook of the Phantomhive estate founded by Sebastian while he was the sole survivor in a war. He was an exceptional soilder and good at planing and had great fighting skills
Finnian- Also called Finny, he is the gardener and was hired because of his inhuman strength due to being a lab rat all his life.
Pluto- Pluto is the guard dog and he is a hell hound. He can transform into a human man and a huge dog. Sebastian is in charge of him even though he hates dogs and loves cats
Tanaka- is the head steward and has been with the phantomhive since the previous head of the house hold. He is a weird little guy. Really funny
Hannah- she is a demon who Claude hired to take care of the estate and provide extra protection of Alois. She is the real demon who made a contract with Luka, Alois brother. She also posses the demon sword, the only thing that can kill a demon
The Triplets- little is known about them except that they came with Hannah
The triplets
Other charecters
Grell- a grim reaper who is kinda the worst at his job. He also has the biggest crush on sebastian
Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford- is Ciel's fiancee'
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