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Chicken egg production

No description

Craig L

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Chicken egg production

Data tables
I am interested in knowing how many chicken eggs are produced in the US. I have conducted research and found that USDA has data regarding chicken egg production for each state.

Data: http://usda01.library.cornell.edu/usda/current/ChicEggs/ChicEggs-12-23-2013.pdf
The distribution of chicken eggs produced in the United States is skewed right and single peaked. There is an outlier at 1,245. The median number of eggs produced is 181 and the IQR is from 94.25 to 402.5
The top 20 % of egg producers produce approximately 420 eggs per year.
Outlier calculations:
IQR = 402.5 - 94.25 = 308.25
1.5*IQR = 462.375

Lower bound: 94.25 - 462.375 = -368.125
Upper bound: 402.5 + 462.375 = 864.875

Outliers: 1245
Chicken egg production
There appear to be lots of chicken eggs produced. Iowa has the highest chicken production. North Carolina produces 268 million eggs annually and there are many states that do not produce eggs. I have learned that there are lots of chickens
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