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ethical dillemmas

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parul kashyap

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of ethical dillemmas

Genetic Engineering Video: has science gone to far?
Youtube.com: The ethics of genetically engineered children

What is Ethics?
"Ethics referes to well founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe to what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness or specific virtues,," Velasquez, Et. al, Issues in Ethics IIE, V1, N1 (1987)

Genetic Engneering at a
glance Genetic Engineering: process by which genes of an organism are manipulated. It uses techniques of molecular cloning and transformations to alter the structures of the genes directly.

Five steps to have efficient genetically engineered organism
i: Isolation of the gene of interest.

ii: Incorporation of these genes into a transfer vector

iii: Transfer of vector into the organism to be modified.

iv: Transformation of the cells of the organism

v: Selection of genetically modified organism from those that
have not been modified.

Some diseases which use gene therapy for treatment
Genetic diseases:
a: Hemophilia
b: Bubble boy disease
c: Chronic granulomatus diseases
Acquired Diseases
a: Different cancers
b: Neurodegenerative diseases
Ethical Dilemma: Should genetic engineering be used by parents to alter the phenotype of their unborn child?
Story of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Main roles in the goups
Republican politician
Democrat politician
Hospital Administrator
Genetic Researcher

Questions to answer:
Democrat and Republican: State your views from a poltical perspective on whether it is right to grant permission to genetically engineer a baby.

Genetic Researcher: State your views on why scientists should be allowed to progress with research to genetically engineer a baby.

Priest: Discuss your views from a relgious perspective on genetic engineering.

Doctor: From your personal experience what are your views on the effects and future of genetic engineering.

Hospital Administrator: Share your views on the financial aspects of genetic engineering.
What is good about it?
Genetic engineering crops increases nutritional value and also their rate of growth.
Engineered seeds are resistant to pests and could be grown in harsh conditions.
Genetic modification could also be used to produce proteins and fibers in foods that dont normally have it.
In humans it could be used to modify specific genetic traits. Genetic Engineering of humans is called Human Genetic Engineering.
In humans it is use to cure certain debilitating genetic diseases.

Cons of Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering in food involves contamination of crops
Critics of genetic engineering believe that it can hamper with the nutritional value of food rather than enhance it.
In humans genetic engineering could lead to harmful side effects. One gene could have multiple targets.
It can hamper with diversity in humans i.e Cloning
It is a process of manipulating nature and it is altering something that is not originally a human creation.
If god wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings.

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