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Copy of Copy of Copy of Template for BOARD GAME

Use this template to create a board game for your novel presentation!

Joshua Pierce

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Template for BOARD GAME



If you answered "B" for most of the questions then you're CEO material! Congrats! You have shown skills of a transformation leader. You have worked hard creating a vision and delivering it amongst your team and you created strong relationships amongst your whole company!
Ok so you made it as a manager but do you have what it takes to become a CEO?? Follow these next couple questions to see if you display strong Emotional Intelligence and leadership skills!!
Your companies team members are having a hard time working together, you believe this is effecting your overall company along with your sales. To change this, you:
A.) Take time to talk with them individually and tell them to quit being so lazy.
B.) Meet with them one on one, along with the group as a whole. Get a clear understanding why they aren't working well with one another and work on their social skills.
C.) Ignore it, I'm sure it'll clear up on its own.
D.) Quit your job, you don't like having a job where you need to talk to people.

Do you have strong enough Emotional Intelligence to become an intern, a manager, even a CEO? Play the game to find out and improve your Emotional Intelligence!
Okay! let's begin. When faced with an unhappy employee, do you:
A.) Offer him coffee
B.) Provide a listening ear
C.) Offer to alert somebody else
D.) Invite him to talk about it and
learn from him
If you answered "C" to most of the questions then congratulations! Your Emotional Intelligence is slowly increasing! Being an intern, you learn more about yourself through Self-awareness! By learning about yourself, you learn how to regulate your emotions along with the people around you! Keep showing strong Emotional Intelligence to work your way up the business ladder!
Your manager asks you to work over time, you
A.) Say yes without hesitation.
B.) Say you only can for a half an hour.
C.) Say sorry, you can't.
D.) Say you have to feed your cat.
When one employee is fighting with another, you
A.) Stay out of it!
B.) Break up the argument
C.) Call a meeting to establish rules
D.) Get to the bottom of it
You have a question at the meeting you're in, you
A.) Raise your hand and speak up.
B.) Whisper it to the person next to you.
C.) Try and figure it out by yourself.
D.) Say oh well and forget about it.
Ok so your team is finally getting along better, they are hanging in and out of the office and supporting each other during work! The only thing missing now is their drive to work. Many of them are skipping work and don't see why they need to finish projects by a deadline. What do you do in response to this?
You have an overload of work to get done by Monday, you:
A.) Decide to come in on the weekend.
B.) Will work on it at home Sunday night.
C.) Will come in early and cram on Monday.
D.) Decide there's just too much to do, you give up.

You got called off for the day, relax and skip to the next question!
A.) Join them, skip some days of work and take it easy.
B.) Find out what drives them and motivate them to work on their projects. Do it in a positive/optimistic way so one gets discouraged!
C.) Tell them to get back to work, or else.
D.) Hint at them to do their work by leaving notes.
Your manager asks if you want to attend a business trip to Chicago with him, you
A.) say yes, what an amazing opportunity!
B.) skip it, would rather stay home.
C.) have a more important concert to attend.
D.) go to Chicago, but not for the business trip.

If you answered "A" for most of the questions than you have demonstrated great emotional intelligence. Your maturity is increasing each day along with your impressive work ethics! Because of this your boss has noticed your ability to lead those around you and decided to give you a shot at leading, you have been asked to stay with the company that you interned for as a full time employee. Although you are now an employee, will you accept the challenge of working hard and becoming a servant leader??
You think of an interesting idea to present to your co-workers, you
A.) get everyone together asap to hear all about it.
B.) call the person next to you to quietly describe it.
C.) think it may not be good enough, keep on tweaking it.
D.) are too scared to show it.
You hear several complaints about an employee who as a bad attitude. He doesn't show up to meetings and gets angry at anyone who talks to him. You:
A.) Tell him to grow up.
B.) Teach him about the importance of Self-awareness and how his behavior is effecting your team.
C.) Tell him to quit, he can't handle this company.
D.) Completely ignore him until the end of time.

You see the intern next to you struggling on one of his power points, you
A.) go over and help him, you can relate to how it feels.
B.) wait a little longer and see if he is still in need of help, if so then go over.
C.) think happy thoughts about him struggling quietly, puts you ahead of him.
D.) pretend you didn't see.
You are pulled aside after a meeting to be congratulated on all your hard work, you:
A.) say I couldn't have done it without any of you guys helping me along the way.
B.) say thank you, and walk away.
C.) say yeah, I know I do a good job.
D.) don't think you should be congratulated.
You are invited out to lunch with your co-workers, you
A.) go with them, need to establish a friend basis outside of the workplace.
B.) were already planning on going to your favorite restaurant.
C.) have to skip lunch to catch up on work.
D.) say no, you would rather eat alone.
You are sitting in your weekly meeting and you have an idea that you share with the rest of the staff, one of the other employees snickers and says your idea is stupid. How do you respond?

A.) You call them stupid
B.) You shut up and sit down
C.) You ask them why they think your idea is stupid
D.) You wait till the meeting is over and go and talk to them one on one
You and your department are told you need to finish the project you are working on by the end of the day. You know that this is impossible if you want a good finished project. What do you do?
A.) Call the product done now knowing you can't finish it anyway
B.) Tell your fellow workers to cut corners to finish the project
C.) Tell your fellow workers that you aren't feeling well and leave them to get yelled at
D.) Go to your boss and tell him/her that this project cannot be finished tonight but you will get as much done as possible and you guys will finish it on Monday
You have an employee come up to you and tell you that the project he is working on will take longer to complete then he first thought and needs more time. How do you respond?
A.) Fire the employee
B.) Call him lazy
C.) Tell him that you will not give him more time
D.) Tell him that you will help him finish the project to make sure its done on time
When you come back from the weekend you see that one employee did not turn in the paperwork you asked him to before going home on Friday. When you see him how do you handle the situation?
A.) You simply chew out the employee in front of his co-workers
B.) You ignore the employee
C.) You tell him that you are disappointed with him but it is not the end of the world
D.) You call the employee into your office and ask him what is going on to see if there were other factors at play in the situation
After talking with the employee you find out that his wife was sick and she needed to go to the hospital so he left work early to go take her. After hearing this what do you do?
A.) Tell him that work comes first
B.) Tell him that he should have come back after bringing his wife to the hospital
C.) Tell him you understand but he needs to do overtime tonight
D.) Tell him to go take care of his wife and you will make sure that his paperwork gets done
You show up late to work, so you:
A.) Blame it on the long coffee line
B.) Slink in and hope nobody sees
C.) Issue an apology
D.) Stay late to make up for time
Ok! You're one step away from being a CEO! Answer this last question and you will officially be a transformational leader!

As you walk through your office observing the morning work you notice one employee is watching a movie on his computer instead of working. You ask him why he is doing this and he says that he finished his work for the day. How do you respond?
A.) Tell him to just go home then
B.) Ask him to turn off the movie and pretend to work
C.) Tell him that he can just relax and take a nap
D.)Ask him to go around and see if any other employees in his department need help with anything
You are asked to lead the next meeting, you:
A.) Can't wait to have this opportunity.
B.) Are hesitant, don't like leading things.
C.) Ask if you can have one other person be up there with you.
D.) Say you don't want to.
You call in sick today, you really want to go in and help your team but you are too sick. What do you do?
A.) Quit, you need time to recover.
B.) Go to work anyway even though you are contagious.
C.) Make up a different excuse, they'll never believe I'm actually sick.
D.) Call in sick and tell the truth.
There is a pot luck in the office today. People are only allowed to eat the food, if they contribute by bringing food of their own. Jim Bob (Fellow Employee) forgot to bring something and now the other employees refuse to give him any of their food. You respond to this by:
A.) Yelling at him for not contributing.
B.) Tell him to go home and make something, or else.
C.) Pointing at him and laughing.
D.) Talk to everyone and let him have some food. He is a hard worker and a close friend to everyone in the office. Everyone forgets sometimes and life can get busy!
Your company has been working hard on a project for months now to beat out the competitors. Everything has gone as planned until the designated speaker got food poisoning. You now have no one to deliver the project. What do you do?
A.) Cancel the speech.
B.) Ask one of your other employees if he can step up to the challenge. Tell him you believe in him and know he will do great.
C.) Find a random person to do it.
D.) Get mad the speaker and tell him he just chickened out.
In your weekly meeting you have one employee who doesn't agree with the idea being proposed, they refuse to listen and are being very close-minded. What do you do?
A.) Tell him to suck it up and go with it
B.) Tell him that he can just walk away and not be involved
C.) Call him out in front of everyone and say he is being selfish
D.) Ask him to please explain why he doesn't like this idea so you can get his perspective on it
One employee approaches you and starts talking bad about another employee. How do you respond?
A.) Tell him you don't like that guy also
B.) Make fun of the guy with your employee
C.) Tell him that you do not approve of this behavior
D.) Tell him that if he has a work related issue with the employee you can call a meeting between the two so they can talk it out
Leader Land
If you answered "D" to most of the questions then you have become a servant leader! You have shown that you act equally to your employees rather than superior to them. You have focused on creating a comfortable environment for all workers along with being attentive to everyone's feelings! Now that you have experience as a servant leader, try out becoming a Transformational leader! You can do it!
When somebody has a new idea you:
A.) Blindly agree
B.) Give your opinion
C.) Work it into your work strategy
D.) Call a meeting to vote on it
When do you think about success?
A.) Every day
B.) After I finish my daily workload
C.) When everybody works toward a common goal
D.) When everybody agrees on a common goal
When do you think about failure?
A.) Never. It's not an option
B.) After I finish my daily workload
C.) When nobody works toward a goal
D.) When not everybody has the same goal
When do you show up to work?
A.) 9 o'clock
B.) Whenever the boss wants me to
C.) An hour before schedule
D.) Depends on the needs of employees
How often do you daydream?
A.) Whenever I'm not doing something
B.) When I get a new assignment
C.) Never, I'm living the dream
D.) Never, I'm too busy
How much responsibility do you have?
A.) Not very much
B.) No more than anybody else
C.) Depends on how well everybody is working
D.) Depends on how big my project is
What do you do on your lunch break?
A.) Work on your resume`
B.) Meet with coworkers at the hottest lunch spot
C.) Eat at your desk while you work
D.) Forget to eat because you're too busy
How much do you deserve to get paid?
A.) Depends on how I'm valued
B.) A lot.
C.) Depends on the success of the company
D.) An amount that reflects my work ethic
Whats the hardest part of your job?
A.) Taking orders
B.) Making quota
C.) Firing people
D.) Demanding more out of people
What does "emotional intelligence" mean to you?
A.) How smart you are when you're sad..?
B.) Hmm... I might have an idea
C.) The mood of the group
D.) Everybody's perspectives! Duh...
Before you go down this slide, do you work well with others?
A.) We'll see...
B.) I'd like to think so
C.) Yes!
D.) Depends on how well they work with me
How well do you respond to criticism?
A.) I'm always open to it!
B.) I don't mind it.
C.) I like to consider it.
D.) I view it as a reflection of my work.
One of your top employees comes to you and tells you that he has a better offer from another company and he is leaving. What do you say?
A.) Tell him you don't want him here anyways
B.) Tell him that he is abandoning his family at the company
C.) Tell him that you are thinking of leaving also
D.) Thank him for his services and that you wish him the best of luck in the future and that he will be missed
Your company has reported losses over the past 2 months and your team's motivation is low, you decide to call a meeting to talk things out. What do you say?
A.) Tell them that they will be fired if they do not get things back on track
B.) Fire one person to try to get your point across
C.) Tell them that things will fix themselves
D.) Open the floor to them and ask why things are the way they are and what needs to be changed to fix them
One of your employees is making jokes at the expense of his co-workers, they do not say anything but you can tell they are bothered by it. What do you do?
A.) Ignore it
B.) Laugh along because it is funny
C.) Call him out in front of everyone else to embarrass him
D.) Tell him you need to speak with him and let him know in private that he needs to stop
After an employee left for another company you need to hire someone to take his place, the new guy you hire is very shy and doesn't voice his opinion in the meetings. You want to hear his ideas, how do you go about talking with him?
A.) Call him out during a meeting putting him on the spot
B.) Tell everybody before the meeting to stare at him until he talks
C.) Tell your other employees to bother him until he talks
D.) Have a one on one conversation letting him know that you would like to know his ideas on how to make things better
You see one of your employees struggling with talking to a potential client, what do you do?
A.) Let him struggle
B.) Walk up to him and chew him out in front of the client
C.) Send another employee over to help him
D.) Go over and talk with the customer and employee and make some small talk to help your employee relax and let him try again
You ask your employees at the weekly meeting for ideas on how to make things better at the company and one of your employees says that they think you need to be more strict with the employees. How do you respond?
A.) Tell him to shut up and sit down
B.) Fire him
C.) Agree with him
D.) Tell him that you appreciate the input but you feel that you don't need to set strict guidelines to get the results you desire from your employees
Your boss asks what you if you are interested in becoming an employee in the future, you
A.) say of course, that is what you have been striving for.
B.) say maybe eventually.
C.) have to first see if you have any better offers.
D.) aren't interested.
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