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Jobs That Use Pi

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jacob tartamella

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Jobs That Use Pi

By: Jacob Tartamella, Jake Nakfoor, Jacob Frank, Johnny Barth
Jobs That Use Pi
Astronomers use pi
astronomers us pi to find the volume of newly discovered planets
they do this by doing 4/3 of pi multiplied radius to the third power
Thanks Wonderful Classmates!
Sources Used
Architectural Jobs Use Pi
this kind of job uses pi to find areas of circles and cylinders for buildings
one example of this is the white houses columns
Mathematicians use Pi
mathematicians use pi in their jobs by trying to lengthen the number's digits after the decimal point
for example all the numbers shown after the decimal point in the picture
Automotive Engineers use Pi
engineers use pi to find the area of a tire or wheel of a car to find out how much air to put in it
or how much PSI a tire has
Doctors use Pi
specific types of doctors use pi to find their patients blood velocity
they use the formula as shown in the picture
Civil Engineers use Pi
they use pi to find how big round ducts in buildings need to be to get air through
they do this by using the formula pi multiplied by radius squared(which basically finds the area of the round duct)
Galileo also used pi to calculate distances of stars from Earth, and their orbits
The Average Person Can Use pi
The "average person" can use pi to find the size of a pizza
This then helps them to find if this pizza is a better deal than another companies pizza
Optics Engineers Use Pi
They use pi for formulas in designing new and improved lenses
They use an equation like the one shown
Fiber Optic Engineers Use Pi
They use this to determine the strength or brightness of a laser beam which is then used for communication in binary code
They use this equation
Combustion Engineer Uses Pi
They use pi to design the pistons in a car 's engine
They use the equation F=p multiplied by pi times d sqaured divided by 4
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