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History of the Curling Iron

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Katelyn Soto

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of History of the Curling Iron

Hairtastic History: Curling Irons
First Electric Curling Iron Was Made
1866: The first noted electric hair curler was made by Hiram Maxim. (Ironically he was also the person to create the first machine gun and the mousetrap). The first electric curling iron was similar to the modern hair curler we have today. However the older hair curler look more like this
New Sized Barrels
1980's: Sometime in the 1980 the steel titanium barrel was formed. However it didn't become popular until later. The popular innovation of that time was having the different sized barrels on the curling iron. Some women wanted smaller curls others wanted bigger curls. To solve this problem the variety of barrel sizes was created (the innovator is unknown).
The Single Barrel
1969: The most unrecognized change of the curling iron is the transition from two barrels to one barrel. The one less barrel made curler easier to use and much safer. It also created a different more smooth curl.
The Curling Wand
2002: The curling iron has been around for years now and people are trying to think of new ways to improve it. So, what do they do? They get rid of the clamp to create the curling wand. The idea of the curling wand was probably thought of long before the idea was put to action, but the first curling wand was released in 2002 by conair. Ever since then the curling wand has been huge.
More New Barrels
2001: Yes even with the new device people still wanted different and new things. So many companies thought of a very "original" idea. Lets change the size of these barrels too! So they did! These barrels were exactly like the other barrels but with out the clip. However even as small as the innovation may seem it was actually a very big. When the new barrel sizes came out women were flooding to the stores to buy the "hot new item"!
Wait What Was that MORE New Barrels
By: Emilie Darroch and Katelyn Soto
The Ancient Curling Iron
The ancient curling iron looked more like scissors without the sharp edges. To use it they would heat it up over an open flame, then crimp their hair with it. Their hair would set into cute curls.
As you can tell they are shaped just like scissors but they have rounded edges so the don't the hair.
Who Used The Ancient Curling Irons?
The people that used the ancient curling irons were mostly the Egyptians, Africans, Greeks, and Middle easterners. There are many egyptian art pieces that show evidence of this.



Egyptian curling hair:
Than this
From the time the curler was made to the time the electric curer was made. There was not very much change. The only changes that occurred were some small tweaks to make the design more modern. However the overall concept was not changed you heated the device manually (over a flame or in hot water). Then you would either wrap your hair around the device or you would crimp hair with the scissor like motion.
Yes we know its our title is cheezy
This is a hair curler from the 1980's as you can see it has a similar concept to the modern hair curler; however, it doesn't really look the same.
EX: different barrel sizes
This is what a curling iron looks like with only one barrel. Again the exact person who created this innovation is unknown because many people came out with this product around the same time.
not original wand
Yes, after awhile the new sized barrels were just not enough. That alright though because now the companies have thought of an idea that IS original. They thought, if you change the shape of the barrel then you will get different style curls. So they went and changed the style of the barrels (there are many different styles now and they still have the original style).
The Rubber Handle
As small as a rubber handle might seem this was HUGE to women everywhere. The previous curler was made entirely of metal so when it was put over an open flame the entire thing became hot and hard to hold. When the rubber handle was created there was no worry about burning yourself just to have beautiful curly hair. The rubber completely blocked out the heat and the device was much, much safer.
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