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How public transport reuses energy in Singapore

Pyp group project

ananya garg

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of How public transport reuses energy in Singapore

HOW SINGAPORE'S TRANSPORT REUSES ENERGY MRT BRAKING SYSTEM Do you realize that every time you are in the MRT and the trains brake, you are saving energy! When the train in the MRT brakes, energy produced is captured by a special machine and reused for lighting and air-conditioning in trains and MRT stations.
Below is a interactive model to show you what I mean:
https://www.smrtisgreen.com/efforts_gallery04.aspx BY ANANYA, VIVEK, ADAM Your Action Take transport that use CNG and Alpha Biodiesel (SMART Cab,Trans cab,SMRT taxi,Prime taxi) What is the issue? Why does it matter? How can we help? Issue: alot of energy is wasted.

Why does it matter?:If we can reuse enrgy then we dont need to make as much energy in the first place.

How can we help?
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