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Copy of Citing Your Sources in MLA Format

designed to teach/remind students how and why to cite their sources in mla format

Kathrine Borsuk

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Citing Your Sources in MLA Format

Citing Your Sources
a website to help you
With your works cited

is important to avoid plagiarism!
Figuring out MLA Format
MLA Dictates how you cite information AND how you format your paper.

What should my paper look like?
MLA also dictates what your works cited page should look like.
the header stating your last name and page number should be present
Your page should be titled, "Works Cited"
list all sources. Use a manual, website, or other guide for help with this.
Often, the source will be longer than one line of text. If this is the case, indent the lines after the first.
General Guidelines:
use 12 pt. font (yes, you have to type your essay!)
use a simple, legible font
Use italics for the titles of works
double-space the whole essay
On your first page:
create a heading in the upper left hand of paper
your name
your instructor's name
the course
the due date
Center your title. Use Title Case.
On every page
Include a header in the upper right hand corner
Your Name
Page Number
EX: Borsuk 1
EX: Borsuk 2
MLA also dictates what your quotations should look like.
For every quotation, be sure to include the last name and page number in the internal citation.Quotations less than 4 lines long should be formatted like on the the following examples:

It has been said that "students just love MLA format" (Borsuk 4).
In her article, "The Joy of MLA Format," Kate Borsuk writes, "students just love MLA format" (4).
On page four of her article, Borsuk is insistent that her "students just love MLA format."
Quotations longer than three lines should be used sparingly. For them, you can use a "block quotation format," which you can easily look up online.
google search: Owl Perdue MLA
When in doubt, look it up!

Owl Perdue can answer all your questions!
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