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Goodbye, Responders; Hello Kahoot!

No description

layne johnson

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Goodbye, Responders; Hello Kahoot!

Hmmm...how do I use Kahoot?
visit http://getkahoot.com/
click the large purple
"Get My Free Account"
button to create a teacher account
click "Quiz" to make your new Kahoot
create questions, choose time limits, create answer choices, and mark which answer is correct
Creating your Kahoot...
to add another question. . .
hit "Add question"
keep adding questions until you have covered all of the content
Finished? hit the green,
"Next settings"
button (bottom right hand corner)
Adjusting the settings
How is Kahoot a game like educational atmosphere?
use of bright colors
keeps the students on their toes
suspenseful music
students use their competitive skills
liveliness of the game increases as the questions continue
Kahoot is perfect to use as a/an. . .
bell ringer
exit ticket
graded quizzes
challenge project (students can create their own Kahoot assessments)
What is Kahoot?
game based classroom response system
questions are projected onto the SMARTBOARD screen
students respond using a personal ios device
Goodbye, Responders; Hello Kahoot!
How can you use Kahoot in the everyday classroom?
great for ALL grade levels
can be used to review in any subject
teachers can choose from pre-made Kahoot quizzes through the website
allows teachers to see exactly which students need more help on specific questions
Check out how engaged these students are!
choose primary audience (select "School")
Click the green button (bottom right corner) that says
"Next: cover image"
upload a picture to be your cover image for your quiz
select green
button (bottom right corner)
To Play Your Kahoot(TEACHER)
click "Me" in the upper left corner of your Kahoot screen
you should see all of your Kahoot quizzes
choose which Kahoot you want to play and click the purple
Click the purple
a screen with the game-pin will appear
students will go to kahoot.it and enter the game-pin
once all of your students' names appear on the front screen, the teacher will hit the purple
"Start now"
Layne Johnson
1st Grade Teacher
Concrete Primary School

twitter: MissJohnson05
email: johnsonl@anderson1.k12.sc.us

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