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Grade 1 Lesson 8

ESL Lesson for Thomas Orr Books Grade 1 Lesson 8 Listen In and Speak Out

John Bacon

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Grade 1 Lesson 8

Can you ____? Can he ride a bike? Can he cook? Can they drive? Can he sing? he/she/they/you You hold your stomach and say, "I'm nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach." Can she do gymnastics? P_____ me?
I couldn't _____ you. I b___ your p______?
My h_____ isn't good. E______ me.
How ____ is this computer? W____?!
It's l___ in here! Can __ ride a bike? Can __ ____? ___ ___ do g________? ___ __ ____? ___ ____ d____? Tickets are being sold for YOUR concert! Can you say
that again? A lot of people are waiting to buy a ticket. The concert starts at 9:00 P.M. LETS MAKE
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