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NASA's Space Shuttle program

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brandon turner

on 26 May 2015

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Transcript of NASA's Space Shuttle program

Space Shuttle
In 1970, one year after the first man stepped on the Moon NASA Decided to make a rocket that would be re-usable so it did not cost billions of dollars to go to space. The head designer of the rocket program said to all of the workers that he needed them to get to working at once to get it done as soon as possible.
The Shuttles
Many different designs had been tried but at the end there was only one good design. The designers had many troubles creating a way to make engines with enough fuel to get the shuttle to space. There was the test shuttle Enterprise was to see how re-entry would be.
The Challenger was originally a test shuttle, but when Columbia took flight NASA wanted it to have a sister ship. The Challenger had ten successful missions untill January 28TH 1986 the Challenger and all of the astronauts on board exploded because of a leak in the rocket thruster and the explosion was so big not much could be salvaged.
NASA's Space Shuttle program
one of the first designs.
The Columbia was the first functional space shuttle. It launched April 12TH 1981 for the first time setting off the space Shuttle program The Columbia exploded on February 1ST 2003 because the heat resistant tiles fell off of the bottom and it literally got torn apart from the inside out! After both the Challenger and the Columbia a total of 14 astronauts died in all 7 died in this tragedy. Columbia had helped assemble the International space station
Atlantis was the second to last shuttle created for the shuttle program. It launched for the first time Oct. 3 1985. The Shuttle Atlantis is in The Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Atlantis had the second most trips to space. Atlantis has been to space 33 times.
The Space Shuttle Enterprise was the very first Space Shuttle. The Enterprise actually never went to space, it was mainly used to see if there were any design flaws, and to make practice simulators. Astronauts used it to practice landing.
The Discovery is the fourth shuttle. The Discovery has done the most missions at 39. Ironically it and Atlantis and Endeavour have a slightly larger nose tip so it lands easier. Discovery helped carry astronauts to the U.S.S.R's astronauts in the International space station.
Endeavour was the last shuttle built and since the space shuttle program was only going to last 30 years it ended in 2011 and the last mission was made by Endeavour. Like all of the other space shuttles before Endeavour got laid to rest in the California Science Center it s flown around all of the U.S.A on the same plane that tested Enterprise. There was alot of controversy about Endeavour should havbeen set to stay, many people thought that it should be in Houston since that was where the control center was. Endeavour was made completely made of spare parts because NASA had sized some parts wrong so they built Endeavour
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